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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cute Kids Sing Battle Hymn of the Republic

Memorial Day is officially on May 30th, although it was observed Monday.

My sister found a cute version of part of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and I decided to share it with you. 

The lyrics to the song may surprise some people, and below the video you will find the link that has the tune and the lyrics (and who wrote it, etc.).

The Cactus Cuties Sing an Inspiring Christian Anthem! from theremix on GodTube.

Learn more about this song at the following link:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tornadoes - Amazing Survival Stories & Giving To Help Survivors

This month a number of tornadoes have hit the central part of the United States.
The amount of devastation seems huge with the destroyed buildings and loss of lives.
We pray for those who are suffering and have lost loved ones.

While I believe in God's Sovereignty, I know that the world has been subjected to corruption after the fall of man as well. Because of this, people at times suffer through no fault of their own. So, I can't really answer all of the why questions.
Many Christians suffer as well as unbelievers in this world, but for the Christian and those people that He has chosen - who will repent and trust in Him - He can use these events to bring about His good and turn them to depend on, acknowledge and trust in Him.

Below I'm sharing a couple of videos (one may only show up as a link to the video) where people survived in amazing ways, and I'm also sharing a link to a place that you can give to help the people of Oklahoma where at least twenty-four people died.

Oklahoma Tornado May 2013

Texas Tornado May 2013

You can give to help the Oklahoma tornado survivors by going to the Children's Hunger Fund.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Security in Troubled Times & Probing the Gosnell Syndrome

The IRS scandal, terrorist threats, some forms of immorality being exalted, Lies, murdering of babies, denying God, and pressure for Christians to disobey God ... this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming.  In China and Islamic countries we can see already what it is like for freedom to be taken away.  How do we find peace and security and react in a way that pleases God in difficult circumstances?
I just listened to a recent message by John MacArthur that has some excellent Biblically based timely answers.   To listen click Here .

A lot of people are now familiar with the abortionist Gosnell who was sentenced recently to life in prison.  He is not the only one whose desire for money and callousness brought him to the point of not caring where the location of the baby was when he took his or her life.  After all, people allowed him to kill in the womb and the child is just as human and alive there as outside and the law didn't care.  Mothers go to those places wanting their babies dead, so abortionists are willing to oblige them.  Is our culture not accepting of this?  Many of us as Christians cringe, but how many of us do anything?  Do those of us who are Christians often not throw up our hands helplessly or think we have done enough?  The mother and the abortionists and "clinic" workers need the Gospel, and on a human level it is good to offer help to at least save a life and make sure babies are cared for.  One day that child may grow up and be granted repentance and faith. 

Here are a couple of good articles that I read about the Gosnell trial.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"How To Answer The Fool" DVD Review

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction. 
Proverbs 1:7 NASB

Today I received and watched the "How To Answer the Fool: A Presuppositional Defense of the Faith" DVD with Sye Ten Bruggencate (put out by The American Vision).
I also already read through the introduction and began the first chapter of the Study Guide.

Although I have heard Sye before online, I found this latest  production to be a great synopsis of the different things I have learned from him.

Where does knowledge start?  With God.
I became a Christian at a young age, so for me the reminders of evidence has been helpful, but that's NOT what this is about. 
Presuppositional apologetics are something relatively new to me, although I knew the Biblical basis (verses that support it) on which it is based.

Sye's approach is really superb for beginners in helping us to understand that people are not the judge of God and that we don't have to prove Him to the unbeliever.  Evidences do not save.

While the DVD or MP4 does not show as much of it, I have seen and heard Sye online showing caring and concern and giving the Gospel (which could have been shown even more on this film I admit).
Yes, Sye Ten Bruggencate is an online friend of  mine, although I'm not always sure that he is sure about that.   He isn't perfect, but I love his passion for the truth and his love for God.  He's a diamond in the rough.

I highly recommend this course.  It will likely be an eye opener for many Christians and a great resource for small groups.  I have learned quite a bit already, but this may be used for the church Sunday School at the church I attend (by an elder who already ordered it as well).  We shall see!  It is worth watching and going over again!  I'm not sure if I will ever be able to articulate what I've learned quite as well as I'd wish.

(Spoiler: you may see people you are familiar with on or mentioned on this DVD.)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Biblical Apologetics Release, Plan B Issues, Comfort in Trouble

How To Answer the Fool: A Presuppositional Defense of the Faith (with my friend Sye Ten Bruggencate) is already available on MP4 and is being well-received and reviewed!  The DVD version and study guide for small groups will be out May 6, 2013!
UPDATE December 2013:  To get the How To Answer the Fool Course, you can go either to
Here is a review of it by Tony Miano.

Some recent news events seem to highlight the making of sinful behaviors more acceptable and more accessible. 
15 year olds are now deemed responsible enough to buy what can actually end a life.  Yes, a fertilized egg is a human life.  "Plan B" in some cases may cause that human life not to implant in the womb thus making certain the death of the new child at his or her earliest stage.
A 15 year old with an ID/Passport is also more likely to buy this product for younger friends just like people have done with other substances.
The whole issue begins when people reject God and decide that it's acceptable for girls to be promiscuous and compound one sin with further irresponsible actions.
If the girl is afraid of her parents response, it's because she knows she has done something shameful.  Some guilt feelings are warning signs and are healthy ... if they lead to repentance and Jesus and forgiveness.
Instead of teaching repentance and giving these girls the Gospel and assistance for innocent babies, people throw condoms (for partners) and pills and encourage putting babies to death through abortion (to try to avoid responsibility altogether). 
This is just one news story out there of many.

This nation has grown cold and calloused to sin to the point of flaunting it.  Yes, this is what happens when people turn from God and His Word and worship self, pleasure and convenience.  The culture is at the point of Romans 1, and that is why I believe the course mentioned at the beginning of this blog should be a refreshing much needed reminder of truth.  Don't be surprised at the persecution that is coming and is already here for Christians.

To close this blog, I want to share a message that I read through that is very encouraging for those wondering why people go through hard times, and especially why Christians go through hard times.  The title is "Comfort in Trouble." (It's by John MacArthur.)