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Friday, April 26, 2013

Let Your Kingdom Come Worship Song

A particular Sovereign Grace Music worship song has been brought up a number of times at home in recent weeks.  They have been singing it at the church the rest of my family here are going to.  Yes, I'm attending a different church and miss some of the music.  There are trade-offs though. 
This song is very catchy!  You can download it free at the link found below the video!

You can get this song free.  Click here.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Gospel For The Abortionist - Amazing Story

Recently I saw this amazing testimony shared. My previous blog post was about two kinds of terror. There was terror in Boston and then what is done in abortion clinics every day to helpless little babies. The following is a story about an abortionist. Nobody is beyond the mercy and grace of God. The Bible and the Gospel found therein are powerful enough to be used to convict and transform hardened hearts through the working of the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Terror in Boston & Hidden Terror

WARNING: Some graphic descriptions used in this post.

Monday was a day that will affect many people for a long time.  People pray for healing, comfort and for God to use what was meant for evil to be used for good in the lives of many in Boston.  Whoever set the bombs apparently used pressure cooker IED type bombs and knew exactly what they were doing.
Limbs torn from bodies flying in the air and blood all over - these are the images that will traumatize people for years to come.

I was thinking today about a different situation where limbs have been torn off and blood is all over.  Yes, this happens pretty much every day in America behind closed doors.  Thousands are dead and the screams are often silent, but the pain is there.  It is legally done for a price in abortion clinics under the guise of "reproductive rights" or "choice." 
Millions of human beings have had their little lives squashed out with the approval of the nation since 1973, but God sees this just as well as what happened in Boston this week in the open.

Do we mourn the suffering of the babies as well as the suffering of those whose lives are forever changed after terrorist attacks?  Some of the babies also have survived.  The people who were meant to help them survive and nourish them have meant to end their lives (and abortionist Gosnell has been put on trial accused that he didn't let their being out of the womb stop him from doing what he did in the womb either).

So we should mourn and hope for justice for those in Boston.  
I believe we should also not forget the hidden terror and the blood stains of the babies who were never allowed to run in a marathon.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pride, Doubt & Despair, Signs of False Teachers, Watch Me

  • This video was recently shared by someone else.  How many of us can really say to someone else to watch us as example of a Christian?

Watch Me! from on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

God Works Through The Small Things

At the store this past week, a girl that looked to be in her teens actually handed a tract to me in the store.  A couple of people in my family read through it later, and the content was pretty good.  I wasn't sure from what the front said!   I place tracts at that store myself, but usually don't actually hand them out to people there.  I don't want to risk getting kicked out of the store where I shop the most (since they would have a perfect right ... as it's not exactly public property).
Still, it is good to see someone else making an effort to get the Gospel out.

Before any of us had read the tract I received, my Mom got out a 180 Movie card for the girl.  Neither of us really remembered perfectly what she looked like though, and we didn't go back to find her. 

Later my Mom & I went out to the car leaving the others to check out.  (We were worn out).  My sister saw something on the conveyer belt and asked the cash register lady about it.  Then she saw it was ... a 180 Movie card!  She told the lady that she knew what it (180 Movie) was and what it was about.  It seems the lady was going to keep the card and possibly watch it!  Yes, somehow the 180 Movie card my Mom had gotten out ended up on the conveyer belt and was used after all! 

There are sometimes when you sense that God is working.  Of course, He is always sovereign!  He seems to remind us at times in unique ways that even in the little things He is involved!   So, whether you purposefully hand out a tract, leave a tract somewhere, lose a card that may lead someone to hear the Gospel, or actually have a discussion with someone ... you never know how God will use it.   Even that tract that that girl gave us may be passed on to someone else!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Defense of the Faith, Carry Me, Moral Judgment On Marriage, Church Unity & Purity

Sye Ten Bruggencate has been involved in doing a DVD and study guide project which is instructional and good for small groups or Sunday School classes.  It is about defending the faith through presuppositional apologetics. 
Some may have no idea what that means (which is understandable).
Do you have friends (or run across people) who call themselves "atheists"? Then I believe this should be helpful for learning how to respond to them.

Josh Wilson's new CD Carry Me is coming out on April 9th.  I'm looking forward to hearing all of it.  I've heard four whole songs already!  If you want to hear a sampler, check it out here:

Last month marriage as being between one man and one woman went before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Denny Burk had a blog post that really focused on how the moral judgment argument has been avoided of late.

Should we have unity in the church to the point of ignoring truth and purity?  While there are some times when people need to keep silent, there are times when people must speak up.  I don't know this guy personally, but I read his post awhile back and found it helpful and somewhat convicting: