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Monday, April 30, 2018

Depravity & Election

I hold to the Biblical doctrines of grace, and a guy that I follow on social media is doing videos explaining TULIP.
I haven't listened to him extensively, but I have seen some good things from him.
I've also seen the next video he did which was on Unconditional Election.
It is exciting to see and share some of the nuggets that I run across.
People get social media fatigue and disillusionment, but there are blessings and friendships.

Those who argue against God's election argue with Scripture.
There are also many who just don't understand how things in Scripture fit together.
Some people say that Calvinists believe things that most do not.
There are some Arminians who actually do seem to think that they are sovereign in their salvation, but many people do believe in God's sovereignty and are inconsistent.
Are you a closet Calvinist without realizing it?

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Message to the UK General Medical Council Regarding Alfie Evans

To the UK General Medical Council,

In recent times, I have seen an alarming trend in the healthcare system in Britain.
Parents of those who may be deemed terminal by hospitals are not allowed to seek care from those outside the country.
Decisions are wrested away from parents who want to have alternative care for their children outside the socialized medical system.
It is a shame and embarrassment to the British healthcare system to try to effect euthanasia by taking away the necessities of life for the most vulnerable of British citizens.
God is the Creator of human life, and even those who may die should receive nutrition, oxygen, and water.
Life support does not add life to those who are already dead, and those who are alive are not comfortable without those necessities.
It is the taking of a human life to remove them, and God takes that very seriously.
It is unethical.
In this most recent case with Alfie Evans, the courts and hospital have beaten down parents who truly were fighting for the best of the child.
Yes, the parents who love Alfie should have every right to have Alfie moved to an Italian hospital or whatever hospital offers them hope.
True dignity is respecting the image-bearer of God, and that includes Alfie.
Your healthcare system would make people in many countries never want to move to or even visit for fear that they too will be held hostage if they should end up in a "vegetative" condition.
Even a brain-damaged child or adult has a life worth living, and Alfie has been able to breathe (something that any medical expert would know means that the child is not dead). 
 You can even learn that searching on Google.
Alfie is an Italian citizen, and it looks very bad that the health system there will not allow him to seek care from a country that has granted him rights to have medical attention that isn't end of life euthanasia.
Please have the hospitals reverse this.  Your medical care has lost the respect of the world.
You are failing the most vulnerable of your citizens.

(My Name)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Stop Painting The Church By Skin Color

It seems that some people (not all) are going crazy mixing up some idea of "social justice" based on skin color with the Gospel, and adding a work of our own justice as part of the Gospel.
Christ satisfied the justice of God on the cross for those who are His. 
Sure, we need to grow in sanctification and believers are to have unity in Christ, but we can't demand some other form of justice as needed for the Gospel on top of what has already been accomplished.

Accusing each other of "racism"  or "privilege" or any other guilting by skin color or ethnicity is more likely to cause bitterness to pop up its ugly head.
We also need to remember that just because someone of a certain shade may have been mean to us or our ancestors, it doesn't mean that everybody that shade or nationality is guilty or that what was done was always motivated by a hatred of your color or ethnicity.
Assuming someone did something based on hatred of skin color without factual knowledge is wrong no matter who does it.
Also, if your ancestors actually were bigoted and had slaves, that doesn't make you guilty today of what your ancestors did. 
Think back further, that slavery hasn't been just a white and black thing, and it's not just something that happened in America.

All people have Adam as our federal head to begin with.  We are all related to each other after all.
Believers are forgiven in Christ.  If we personally sin, then we confess our sins to God and to whoever we personally hurt.

Having lived in CA, I was the minority in many places I went to (stores, medical places, etc.), and plenty of people didn't speak English. 
Many churches had a blend of shades & cultural backgrounds, although some people of other shades did not seem to have a separate culture.

Where I live now, there happens to be less diversity in the population.  There is also a somewhat different culture here in TN than in CA.  Yes, even in different states, there are different cultures.

God grows His church, and we don't have to worry about percentages of color or whatever. 
People can have the same shade of skin and have completely different cultures, but really, true Christians should focus on what we have in common as believers and not try to play politics with a church or its leadership.  
God has leaders raised up, and we don't have to feel guilty if not every single ethnic background is represented.

If someone who is a believer is actually personally treating someone sinfully (and not just a felt perception of it), then they should personally be confronted in love in the manner the Scripture says.

"The world is not your parish. The culture is not your job. Feed the flock of God, and they will, when they become like Christ, affect their world."
John MacArthur

So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience; bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you.
Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity.
Colossians 3:12-14 NASB

Friday, April 6, 2018

From Every Nation and All Tribes and Peoples and Tongues

Bible Translation News
Some exciting news has come to my attention!
TMS is now adding Bible translation to their training.
The Master’s Seminary Launches the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation.
The TMS Tyndale Center for Bible Translation.
I know of people who have gone to other countries and labored to translate the Bible, and I know they try their best.
This study of Theology and languages, as well as translation in the context of seminary training, will help for more accurate translations and teaching Lord-willing.
This should be a great help for church planting.

Why We're Protestant - Spanish Version Now Available!
Pastor Nate Pickowicz book gives a clear explanation of the Solas of the Reformation and Gospel truth, and there are many in other countries that could well benefit from it (as well as those who speak other languages in America).  The Spanish speaking world still has Roman Catholicism as a predominant religion, and I'm glad that this book is out there.
Por Que Somos Protestantes: Una introduccion a las Cinco Solas de la Reforma

Unity In Worship
Speaking of translations, I wanted to share a song that has been translated into Mandarin Chinese.
One day there will be believers from around the world worshiping God, and there will be no divisions creeping in.  There will be no more sin!

Monday, April 2, 2018

How To Answer The Fool - A Tool To Learn The Biblical Apologetic

I am excited to be able to share with you the video "How To Answer The Fool" for free!
Yes, Sye has now made this great resource free 5 years after its release!
Please watch it and share it.
It is a great resource for the church and individual Christians.
It is like a primer, and it may open your eyes that believers really don't need to look to give evidence to those who reject God (though they demand it).