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Monday, April 30, 2018

Depravity & Election

I hold to the Biblical doctrines of grace, and a guy that I follow on social media is doing videos explaining TULIP.
I haven't listened to him extensively, but I have seen some good things from him.
I've also seen the next video he did which was on Unconditional Election.
It is exciting to see and share some of the nuggets that I run across.
People get social media fatigue and disillusionment, but there are blessings and friendships.

Those who argue against God's election argue with Scripture.
There are also many who just don't understand how things in Scripture fit together.
Some people say that Calvinists believe things that most do not.
There are some Arminians who actually do seem to think that they are sovereign in their salvation, but many people do believe in God's sovereignty and are inconsistent.
Are you a closet Calvinist without realizing it?

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