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Friday, April 27, 2018

A Message to the UK General Medical Council Regarding Alfie Evans

To the UK General Medical Council,

In recent times, I have seen an alarming trend in the healthcare system in Britain.
Parents of those who may be deemed terminal by hospitals are not allowed to seek care from those outside the country.
Decisions are wrested away from parents who want to have alternative care for their children outside the socialized medical system.
It is a shame and embarrassment to the British healthcare system to try to effect euthanasia by taking away the necessities of life for the most vulnerable of British citizens.
God is the Creator of human life, and even those who may die should receive nutrition, oxygen, and water.
Life support does not add life to those who are already dead, and those who are alive are not comfortable without those necessities.
It is the taking of a human life to remove them, and God takes that very seriously.
It is unethical.
In this most recent case with Alfie Evans, the courts and hospital have beaten down parents who truly were fighting for the best of the child.
Yes, the parents who love Alfie should have every right to have Alfie moved to an Italian hospital or whatever hospital offers them hope.
True dignity is respecting the image-bearer of God, and that includes Alfie.
Your healthcare system would make people in many countries never want to move to or even visit for fear that they too will be held hostage if they should end up in a "vegetative" condition.
Even a brain-damaged child or adult has a life worth living, and Alfie has been able to breathe (something that any medical expert would know means that the child is not dead). 
 You can even learn that searching on Google.
Alfie is an Italian citizen, and it looks very bad that the health system there will not allow him to seek care from a country that has granted him rights to have medical attention that isn't end of life euthanasia.
Please have the hospitals reverse this.  Your medical care has lost the respect of the world.
You are failing the most vulnerable of your citizens.

(My Name)

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