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Friday, April 6, 2018

From Every Nation and All Tribes and Peoples and Tongues

Bible Translation News
Some exciting news has come to my attention!
TMS is now adding Bible translation to their training.
The Master’s Seminary Launches the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation.
The TMS Tyndale Center for Bible Translation.
I know of people who have gone to other countries and labored to translate the Bible, and I know they try their best.
This study of Theology and languages, as well as translation in the context of seminary training, will help for more accurate translations and teaching Lord-willing.
This should be a great help for church planting.

Why We're Protestant - Spanish Version Now Available!
Pastor Nate Pickowicz book gives a clear explanation of the Solas of the Reformation and Gospel truth, and there are many in other countries that could well benefit from it (as well as those who speak other languages in America).  The Spanish speaking world still has Roman Catholicism as a predominant religion, and I'm glad that this book is out there.
Por Que Somos Protestantes: Una introduccion a las Cinco Solas de la Reforma

Unity In Worship
Speaking of translations, I wanted to share a song that has been translated into Mandarin Chinese.
One day there will be believers from around the world worshiping God, and there will be no divisions creeping in.  There will be no more sin!

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