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Monday, April 21, 2014

Ukrainian Conflict & The Christian

Russia & the Ukraine have been going through a lot of conflict in recent times as most people already are aware of.

Vladimir Putin has effected a land grab of the Crimea, & pro-Russian groups have been trying to take over the eastern part of the Ukraine for Russia.   This is something that should make every country in that region keep on the alert & be ready.  This may not be the end.

When I was young I had some Christian Russian acquaintances who immigrated to the U.S.  during the time of “Glasnost” & my parents help support a family of a guy who is doing seminary training of people in the Ukraine.  I believe there are many wonderful Christians both in Russia & the Ukraine.  There are Ukrainians in Russia & Russians in the Ukraine.

It seems like Putin is wanting an old Soviet style control & many people have forgotten what happens when they give up their freedom for imaginary comforts.   This is true of the Russians in Russia itself & not just the Ukraine.  It reminds me of a song Sara Groves did about “Painting Pictures of Egypt.”  It is so like Israel remembering the comforts of Egypt & forgetting the slavery & lack of freedom & hardships.  The KGB may have a new name, but it has resurfaced.  Is this what Russians & Ukrainians really want? 

Also, just because some  people speak the same language or have a shared history does not mean they have to join the two nations together.  Canada & the U.S. have relatives & much in common, but that doesn’t mean one has to “annex” part of the other.  There are many section of the U.S. that have people who came from other countries, but that doesn’t mean those countries should then take over those parts of the U.S. (although some might like to).  Not all of the Ukrainians in Crimea or Eastern Ukraine were Russian born.  The “vote” that “annexed” Crimea was not even considered legal or fair by many.

Already in the Crimea, Christians are having to fear for their safety.  One News Now is reporting a pastor who has said bank accounts, property & church lists have been seized.  (See article here.)  Baptists were requested to “annex” their churches in Crimea.  This is surely a sign that Russia was trying to control the outcome from day one & the world stood by and watched.  This is how tyranny begins no matter how pleased some may be.

In the eastern part of the Ukraine there has been effects on Christians safety, although Christians will continue to persevere.  (See this article.) 

What is most important for Christians no matter if we lose our freedoms in Russia, the Ukraine, the U.K.,  the U.S.  -- or places like China, Central Asia, etc. which have already lost  much freedom … is still obeying God’s Word over man’s law & proclaiming the true Gospel everywhere.  We cannot trust in man.  Governments come & go, & I believe we can do what we can to effect change in them so long as we don’t disobey God to do it.  However, it is not the highest priority we Christians have during our time here on earth.

“We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work.   John 9:4

The Gospel in Russian

Ukrainian: Бо коли ти устами своїми визнаватимеш Ісуса за Господа, і будеш вірувати в своїм серці, що Бог воскресив Його з мертвих, то спасешся,  бо серцем віруємо для праведности, а устами ісповідуємо для спасіння. Romans 10:9-10

The Gospel in English  

(If you want the Gospel in a different language, please let me know & I will try to find something online for you.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Celebrating The Resurrection of Jesus

Every Sunday is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection, but I believe it is a good thing to have a special celebration to give another opportunity to share with the world why we as Christians have hope.
Please check out the following article link explaining why the resurrection of Christ is so important,  & also enjoy the music video below:
Don't Forget The Resurrection

(Note To Christians: In sharing this video of a song written by Chris Eaton & performed by Cliff Richard I am not endorsing Cliff’s errant positions on Catholicism or homosexuality, etc.   I do enjoy his singing voice & this is a beautiful song that I believe goes well with Resurrection Sunday & being reminded of God’s faithfulness.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bible Inerrancy & What To Do About False Teachers

The Inerrancy of Scripture:  This is something that many liberal “Christians” question or disbelieve.
Next year’s Shepherd’s Conference is scheduled to have some great guests speaking on this topic:

2015 Shepherds' Conference Summit from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

What To Do About False Teachers & Those Who Slander Godly Men:
In recent times a lot of the people I follow or listen to online have been focusing on false teaching & teachers & bloggers who are in error & those who  have cultic behavior.  I recommend viewing the following sites:
Tim Challies, Denny Burk, CARM,  & Striving for Eternity.
There are a lot of good teachers &bloggers out there who need to be encouraged as well as held accountable, but it is important to avoid the bad ones who slander or lead people away from a right understanding of God’s Word.
When we learn someone is unBiblical, how should we deal with them?
How To Deal With False Teachers – Denny Burk