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Friday, July 28, 2017

Transgenders In The Military • Medical Stories

Response To "Transgenders" In The Military

Recently someone on Facebook asked how to respond to friends with gentleness and respect ...basically when they are defending having "transgenders" in the military.

This was my response:

God created male and female, and so there is no such thing as a transgendered person. 
Wanting to be something you're not cannot change what God made you. 
Transgenderism is a deception, and it breeds distrust and may cause many relational problems. I also believe that men & women shouldn't be out there together as soldiers, and furthermore, as a Christian, I don't see women on the battlefield as being something God desires. 
Women were not made the same as men no matter how much they desire to be like men and no matter how capable they are in many ways. 
Soldiers shouldn't entangle themselves in the affairs of everyday life, and mixing genders and gender confusion is a distraction from the real goal of fighting the enemy. Sadly, many affairs go on in the military as it is, and putting someone created by God as a female in the midst of males...or a male in the midst of females....increases the danger of immoral relationships distracting from what people should be about.

(I borrowed from 2 Timothy 2:4.)
Medical Stories & Gospel Tracts

I've been in medical buildings quite a lot lately with pain.
There are so many others out there suffering.

In the ER, I heard a man describing how a lady got dragged by her car.

I listened outside a doctor's office to a lady who was suffering, but she didn't know what all was wrong.

I heard a man who came into the doctor's office who had part of his hospital care denied by Medicare.
He was an old man, and I felt so sorry for him.  He was getting bills for thousands of dollars, and he hadn't wanted to be kept at the hospital.  
A doctor had wanted him to stay.  It seems that he can't afford to pay the bill.
I wished I could help. He was talking to the ladies at the check-in.

When I was waiting at the lab for an x-ray, a worker came out and told a couple waiting that the lady of the couple needed to go to the ER.  
Apparently, earlier tests had come back and shown something.
All I could do was pray.

God knows all of these things are going on.
It is good that we have been reading a section of a book recently on Jesus being The Ruler Of The Waves.

I placed Gospel tracts at some places I went, and I watched as the lady my sister talked with began to read one.  
I hope & pray that others will read the tracts.
These people in trouble need the Gospel.

Update: The tract that the lady picked up and started to read has still been there when I've been back to that waiting room (more than once).  
I saw another person pick it up and start to read it the last time that
I was there!
I hope this encourages other Christians to find ways to spread the Gospel!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Go Where The Fish Are • Prayer Requests From Canada

Guest Post By Joshua Mills

He Shall Have Dominion Also From Sea To Sea” (Psalm 72:8)

I want to begin this article with a brief overview of Canadian history. 
In 1867, Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, a Christian and founding Father of Confederation, was inspired by his biblical convictions to call Canada a “dominion”, after Psalm 72:8. 
The name, “Dominion of Canada”, was used to recognize the rule and reign of Jesus Christ over this great land from sea to sea.  
However, now one-hundred and fifty years later, things have progressively changed to our disliking.  Changes in policies, laws, and new curriculums have been established by the government to support their liberal agenda and world view.  But this does not worry me!  We have a firm confidence as Christians for the future.  We know that God is the Sovereign One reigning on His throne! 
“He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings”, all for his Sovereign purposes (Daniel 2:21).

Therefore, for the remaining part of this article, I would like to highlight God’s work in Canada. 

For the past year or so I have had the privilege of establishing a local street outreach ministry birthed out of the local church.  
Growing up in Canada I have never received a tract in my hand from a stranger, nor have I ever heard the gospel proclaimed freely outside church walls. This is wrong! If unnumbered souls are dying and spending an eternity in Hell, then we must go where they are!  Case closed.  
We must go where the fish are! We must bring the Gospel to them. A Fishermen can only practice fishing in his own bath-tub for so long before he must go where the fish are.  
This parallels with the Christian!  We are commanded by Scripture to enter the Highways and byways, where the fish are, and compel people to come in (Luke 14:23).

Out of this burden to see the Gospel go forth in our Nation I entered the streets to find some fish. Soon enough, the Lord answered my prayers and connected me with a few brothers who had a weekly Saturday afternoon outreach downtown Toronto. 
For a few months, I regularly attended this outreach, but the commute was far. 
As time went on, I gained a greater burden for the souls in my City.  As far as I know, there has been zero gospel street ministry done in this city in the past. 
Therefore, it was time to get something started!  I found two young guys (fifteen and seventeen years of age) who were zealous to serve the Lord in evangelism.  We decided to try going downtown one night and see if we could spark up some conversations.  Providentially speaking, we bumped into two guys who have been handing out tracts downtown for about a year or so through their local church (one of them being an Elder at the church they attend). 
Thankfully the Lord brought us brothers who were faithful to the Word of God and shared the same Biblical convictions with us.  One of the brothers was trained in Biblical evangelism through The Cross Current ministries (they were trained through Ray Comfort and Paul Washer in Evangelism). Our American brothers and sisters have been a tremendous blessing to our ministry!

From this point on, the hearts of God’s people were stirred to see young men going out weekly to tell of Christ.  Each week we began to see a new people wanting to serve in this area. 
Currently, a year or so later, we now have on average 10-15 different people out with us weekly sharing the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ downtown Burlington. 
Through the ministry, The Cross Current, there has also been evangelism teams set up in Waterloo, London, and Ottawa, Ontario.  
These groups from local churches go out weekly and hand out tracts, converse, and preach the Word of God in the streets.  On average, we hand out about 200-300 tracts per week and have many Christ-Centred conversations. 
Though it is hard to see fruit in the ministry, since we most likely will not see these people again, we have had stories told of fruit produced by Gods grace through the Proclamation of His Word. 
Praise God!

It is a unique time to be a Canadian, and I am very excited for the future!  We have seen a huge geo-political shift in our country, but this movement was a movement done by the Sovereign hand of God! 
You may be asking, “what kind of people do we often come across when evangelizing?  
In many cases, we come across those who believe that they are “good enough” through their good works to go to Heaven.  Therefore, we must always preach the law to them and show them the Character of God, the depravity of man, and the hope of the Gospel. 
Additionally, most of these people are refugees from Islamic countries who are willing and eager to talk with us.  Numerous times we have talked for hours with Muslim friends, and they end up taking the Word of God (the Bible) home with them to read more. 

To conclude, on one hand, this nation seems like it is spinning down into destruction. But on the other hand, we have seen the hand of God stirring the souls of men. 
The church in Canada is being awakened to the urgent call of the Great Commission. The people of God are beginning to feel the urgency to go out to their neighbour and tell them of Christ, to go out onto the street and herald the gospel!  It is a unique time to be a Canadian. 
This is only a brief and insufficient highlight of what God is doing in Canada and globally for His glory!

Continue to pray for this work. 
Pray that God will be glorified primarily, and that souls will be won to Christ through evangelistic efforts across Canada and around the Globe! 
Pray specifically for more labourers in Canada for the Harvest field! 
It is my prayer and heart's desire to see a group of evangelists in every major city in Canada, heralding the Gospel on a weekly basis. 
We can not miss the opportunity ahead of us!

To God be the Glory,


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Oregon Passes "Free" Abortions Murder Bill

Oregon is now willing to pay for the murder of children in their mothers' wombs at all costs.
They are willing to offer abortions on demand for free whether you are rich or poor or criminally in the country.
Yes, Oregon is proud of her evil behavior.
See story HERE.

God is not blind to this evil.  Those who live within her borders that are Christians must be horrified that once again Oregon is leading the way in aiding and abetting murder.
All intentional abortion is murder whether it is done by a "doctor" or by medicine intended to prevent a baby from being able to survive.
Oregon also led the way to a culture of death with assisted suicide...taking suffering and depressed people and allowing them to make a deadly murderous decision.

People who support abortion claim they want every child to be wanted.  You don't make every child wanted by murdering those that exist already in the womb.  You are just letting everybody know that you don't want the child that is already being formed and made in the image of God.   Trying to do everything you can to avoid the responsibility that comes with intimacy is not something that should be lauded.  Denying the baby in the womb his or her humanity doesn't cut it.  
Denial doesn't undo the fact that a human life is at stake.

Sadly the rebelliousness and hard-heartedness of Oregon is only a reflection of the evil that is in the hearts of men who want no part of the God who created them.
I'm thankful that there are some in Oregon like Pastor Chuck O'Neal (and others) who are willing to go to the gates of evil and proclaim the Gospel in hopes that God will rescue and save souls and lives.

People who rush to have their babies killed or whatever other licentious acts they involve themselves in are blind in their sin, and they need the light of the Gospel of Christ.
They need the Spirit to convict them and they need to hear the law of God to see their need for the Gospel.

There is a conference in Oregon in August of this year (2017) where people can go to learn about how to witness the Gospel to cults as well as going out to an abortion clinic and other places to proclaim the Gospel.
To learn more about the conference (Reformation Fire) go HERE.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Remember The Prisoners" • Prayer Request

Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body. 
Hebrews 13:2 NASB

In 2007 Alimujiang Yimiti had his business shut down, and in 2008 he was arrested.
He is a former Muslim who had professed faith in Christ and wanted others to know Christ.
His heart apparently was to reach the Uyghur in China with the Gospel, and this was not acceptable to some.  Sadly, he was then charged with “illegally providing state secrets to foreign nationals.”
He received a 15-year sentence, yet it would seem that it really was all due to his desiring to see others have faith in Christ.
See more info. HERE

This man has been in jail many years now.
Christians, please pray for the family as well as this man, and pray that the government will overturn this sentence and set him free early.
Please pray that God will continue to strengthen this family and that God will bring good out of this wrong.

Please watch the following videos.