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Friday, July 28, 2017

Transgenders In The Military • Medical Stories

Response To "Transgenders" In The Military

Recently someone on Facebook asked how to respond to friends with gentleness and respect ...basically when they are defending having "transgenders" in the military.

This was my response:

God created male and female, and so there is no such thing as a transgendered person. 
Wanting to be something you're not cannot change what God made you. 
Transgenderism is a deception, and it breeds distrust and may cause many relational problems. I also believe that men & women shouldn't be out there together as soldiers, and furthermore, as a Christian, I don't see women on the battlefield as being something God desires. 
Women were not made the same as men no matter how much they desire to be like men and no matter how capable they are in many ways. 
Soldiers shouldn't entangle themselves in the affairs of everyday life, and mixing genders and gender confusion is a distraction from the real goal of fighting the enemy. Sadly, many affairs go on in the military as it is, and putting someone created by God as a female in the midst of males...or a male in the midst of females....increases the danger of immoral relationships distracting from what people should be about.

(I borrowed from 2 Timothy 2:4.)
Medical Stories & Gospel Tracts

I've been in medical buildings quite a lot lately with pain.
There are so many others out there suffering.

In the ER, I heard a man describing how a lady got dragged by her car.

I listened outside a doctor's office to a lady who was suffering, but she didn't know what all was wrong.

I heard a man who came into the doctor's office who had part of his hospital care denied by Medicare.
He was an old man, and I felt so sorry for him.  He was getting bills for thousands of dollars, and he hadn't wanted to be kept at the hospital.  
A doctor had wanted him to stay.  It seems that he can't afford to pay the bill.
I wished I could help. He was talking to the ladies at the check-in.

When I was waiting at the lab for an x-ray, a worker came out and told a couple waiting that the lady of the couple needed to go to the ER.  
Apparently, earlier tests had come back and shown something.
All I could do was pray.

God knows all of these things are going on.
It is good that we have been reading a section of a book recently on Jesus being The Ruler Of The Waves.

I placed Gospel tracts at some places I went, and I watched as the lady my sister talked with began to read one.  
I hope & pray that others will read the tracts.
These people in trouble need the Gospel.

Update: The tract that the lady picked up and started to read has still been there when I've been back to that waiting room (more than once).  
I saw another person pick it up and start to read it the last time that
I was there!
I hope this encourages other Christians to find ways to spread the Gospel!

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