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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Flag Warnings About T.D. Jakes

I have seen people sharing things from T.D. Jakes online, and it concerns me greatly.
I know that T.D. Jakes has been known for not believing in the Trinity.
Although he has lately tried to soften his wording to make it sound like he has changed, he still seems to prefer the wording of a "Oneness" Pentecostal.  As far as I have seen he still embraces others who also hold to this heretical teaching as well.

"Oneness" Pentecostals or "Modalists" do not believe in the distinction of the Persons of the Godhead.  They believe in modes or manifestations.  Really modalism is sort of like divine schizophrenia.

Notice how the word "manifestations" is used still used in the belief statement which is a RED FLAG.  This is certainly modalist language:

If T.D. Jakes truly believes in God in Three Persons, then wouldn't he change his website, do a complete reversal and disassociate with those who are not Trinitarian?

T.D. Jakes is also known to be a Word Faith teacher and prosperity teacher, and he has shared platforms with many false teachers over time: Joel Osteen (at a leadership conference in 2012 and speaking at Joel Osteen's church in 2011), Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, etc.
His church also appears to have a woman being the pastor of a campus of the church which is unBiblical.  RED FLAG

To see more on T.D. Jakes and modalism please visit the following websites: (This has a number of articles with video, so please search around.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

We Are Not Unique

I shared awhile back about an online radio show that I watch and listen to called A Rebel's Cause.

They have produced a video that will give you some insight into one of the guys from the show.
It is the story of many who were raised knowing the truth and yet...

Please feel free to share this with your friends. I will put the link to their website at the bottom of this post.

But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), Ephesians 2:4-5 NASB

Ephesians 2:6-10

You can try out the show Thursday nights at 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific / 8 PM Central U.S. time / 2 AM in the U.K. / 3 AM Central Europe (unless they have bad weather and have to cancel or postpone).  Click here to go to their website.  The show is in English. 
To go directly to the page to watch click here.  Other shows are on at other times, so make sure that you try at the correct time.  You can chat during the show as well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Conversion Questions, Abortion Abolitionist Robbed, Chameleon Rick Warren, Lecrae Interview

Do you remember exactly when you became a Christian?  Perhaps you prayed at one point as a child, but you went through periods of sin and doubt and prayed again.  Todd Friel wrote an article on this subject that I found encouraging.

Last week Tony was robbed of his sign near an abortion clinic.  Tony not only is an abolitionist regarding human abortions, but he gives the Gospel to people ... which should not be ignored in the defense of life.
You can read his blog post about it  by clicking here
You can listen to the audio below.

Is Rick Warren a chameleon? Tony Miano did a blog post a year ago on Rick Warren.

Lecrae is a hip hop / rap guy you may be familiar with.
He did a PBS interview that gives some insight into his background and the changes going on with his lyrics.  Personally I believe solid doctrine is sadly lacking in a lot of music today, but I know that David Meece style lyrics can minister to a lot of people as well.  My desire is that Lecrae will be able to come to have a balance of doctrine and ministry which means that the redemptive elements are important beyond expressing experiences.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why Are We Waiting For Someone Else To Evangelize?

I have a real desire to see my area of Tennessee evangelized, and I also care about the rest of the world as well. 
I know we all want to wait for others to do evangelism. 
I do think it is good to have good street preachers and evangelists, and I do want one to come here.
Still, we can reach out to the people we meet.  We can also reach out to people we don't know...strangers!
Try taking baby steps like placing tracts places where people might see them or handing some to people.
You can get some tracts from Living Waters or One Million Tracts.  You can do it!

Men can be trained as street evangelists, or pastors, or missionaries.
Women can hand out tracts, talk to individuals, and reach out - especially to other women.
Even if you are pretty shy like me, you can hand a tract to someone or leave them different places -praying that someone would read it.

There are a lot of unreached peoples still in the world. 
If someone is faithful where God has placed them, then that is a sign that they could be ready to go and be used by God somewhere else.
The song I'm sharing today isn't new, but it's motivational!

Friday, February 8, 2013

God's Choice, The Republican Party, Social Media, & Persecution

  • Last Sunday I listened to a message live online from Grace Community Church.  Some of it reminded me of a good explanation I learned from someone else in recent times relating to God's choosing of believers and man's choice.  We can only choose what is in accordance with our nature (like a person does not have the nature of a bird to be like a bird).  Until God makes alive and gives someone a new nature they can only choose evil according to their sinful nature.  You can listen to the message "The Divine Summons" by John MacArthur here.  I recommend it!

  • Do you have a difficult time getting away from your computer and social media?  I do.  I went off of my computer for a couple of days one time and three days another time recently, but that didn't mean I didn't keep up on news through other means or have others showing me news or weather on their computer!  Kevin DeYoung has an article titled "Don't Let the Screen Strangle Your Soul" that addresses this issue.  If you might have a social media addiction, click here.

  • "How to Prepare for Hostility" by Kevin DeYoung is another article I read the other week that is worth sharing.  How do you get ready for persecution and trials as a believer?   I found this to be a helpful reminder of where focus should be.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Difficult Times

I've been going through a low time lately which has been both sad and stressful. 
There are times when a person feels they cannot face going through a difficult time,
and all I felt I could do is pray for God to help me at first. 
I didn't even want to do much more than that for awhile.   I did my usual Bible reading, but I wanted to shrink back in fear and from hurt. 
I'm still struggling, but after some days I did read some more from Words of Cheer by Charles Spurgeon which was well as some Bible verses. 
It will take time to heal, and I may continue to avoid some things for my emotional well-being (not out of anger or bitterness thankfully).

I have also been having quite a bit of physical pain at times ... even with typing.
That is an additional reason why it was good that I took a few days off of and slowed down on computer use especially last week.

Some things that I want to focus on from the Spurgeon book I mentioned are that when half the wells are frozen that I should not allow the other half to be frozen by my despairing or unbelief, and to try to focus on the light of hope that I have.

I shared this song before that Josh Wilson did about his panic attacks, but now there is this newer video version that I just watched this morning that I thought I would share.
It is one song that I still found encouraging some ... even though I have sometimes avoided other music that adds to my feeling low.