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Friday, February 8, 2013

God's Choice, The Republican Party, Social Media, & Persecution

  • Last Sunday I listened to a message live online from Grace Community Church.  Some of it reminded me of a good explanation I learned from someone else in recent times relating to God's choosing of believers and man's choice.  We can only choose what is in accordance with our nature (like a person does not have the nature of a bird to be like a bird).  Until God makes alive and gives someone a new nature they can only choose evil according to their sinful nature.  You can listen to the message "The Divine Summons" by John MacArthur here.  I recommend it!

  • Do you have a difficult time getting away from your computer and social media?  I do.  I went off of my computer for a couple of days one time and three days another time recently, but that didn't mean I didn't keep up on news through other means or have others showing me news or weather on their computer!  Kevin DeYoung has an article titled "Don't Let the Screen Strangle Your Soul" that addresses this issue.  If you might have a social media addiction, click here.

  • "How to Prepare for Hostility" by Kevin DeYoung is another article I read the other week that is worth sharing.  How do you get ready for persecution and trials as a believer?   I found this to be a helpful reminder of where focus should be.

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