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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Difficult Times

I've been going through a low time lately which has been both sad and stressful. 
There are times when a person feels they cannot face going through a difficult time,
and all I felt I could do is pray for God to help me at first. 
I didn't even want to do much more than that for awhile.   I did my usual Bible reading, but I wanted to shrink back in fear and from hurt. 
I'm still struggling, but after some days I did read some more from Words of Cheer by Charles Spurgeon which was well as some Bible verses. 
It will take time to heal, and I may continue to avoid some things for my emotional well-being (not out of anger or bitterness thankfully).

I have also been having quite a bit of physical pain at times ... even with typing.
That is an additional reason why it was good that I took a few days off of and slowed down on computer use especially last week.

Some things that I want to focus on from the Spurgeon book I mentioned are that when half the wells are frozen that I should not allow the other half to be frozen by my despairing or unbelief, and to try to focus on the light of hope that I have.

I shared this song before that Josh Wilson did about his panic attacks, but now there is this newer video version that I just watched this morning that I thought I would share.
It is one song that I still found encouraging some ... even though I have sometimes avoided other music that adds to my feeling low.


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