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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Conversion Questions, Abortion Abolitionist Robbed, Chameleon Rick Warren, Lecrae Interview

Do you remember exactly when you became a Christian?  Perhaps you prayed at one point as a child, but you went through periods of sin and doubt and prayed again.  Todd Friel wrote an article on this subject that I found encouraging.

Last week Tony was robbed of his sign near an abortion clinic.  Tony not only is an abolitionist regarding human abortions, but he gives the Gospel to people ... which should not be ignored in the defense of life.
You can read his blog post about it  by clicking here
You can listen to the audio below.

Is Rick Warren a chameleon? Tony Miano did a blog post a year ago on Rick Warren.

Lecrae is a hip hop / rap guy you may be familiar with.
He did a PBS interview that gives some insight into his background and the changes going on with his lyrics.  Personally I believe solid doctrine is sadly lacking in a lot of music today, but I know that David Meece style lyrics can minister to a lot of people as well.  My desire is that Lecrae will be able to come to have a balance of doctrine and ministry which means that the redemptive elements are important beyond expressing experiences.  

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