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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why Are We Waiting For Someone Else To Evangelize?

I have a real desire to see my area of Tennessee evangelized, and I also care about the rest of the world as well. 
I know we all want to wait for others to do evangelism. 
I do think it is good to have good street preachers and evangelists, and I do want one to come here.
Still, we can reach out to the people we meet.  We can also reach out to people we don't know...strangers!
Try taking baby steps like placing tracts places where people might see them or handing some to people.
You can get some tracts from Living Waters or One Million Tracts.  You can do it!

Men can be trained as street evangelists, or pastors, or missionaries.
Women can hand out tracts, talk to individuals, and reach out - especially to other women.
Even if you are pretty shy like me, you can hand a tract to someone or leave them different places -praying that someone would read it.

There are a lot of unreached peoples still in the world. 
If someone is faithful where God has placed them, then that is a sign that they could be ready to go and be used by God somewhere else.
The song I'm sharing today isn't new, but it's motivational!

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