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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gold Sold

My sister & I had an interesting experience today. We went to where they were buying gold and silver and some other items. We waited a couple of hours more or less, and my back was in pain from sitting and standing so long!
A man sorted through and looked at our items, but only two rings were chosen for them to buy! I was getting the impression we wouldn't get much if we would sell even those, so I was surprised that they offered and gave a check for $30.40. One of the rings was a plain 14K band and the other had the jewel missing and didn't even say it was gold. They apparently could tell though, and I'm glad I brought those along.
They seem to be a company that has either an A- or B- on the BBB (seem to be listed twice), so hopefully the check will be good!
I've been suffering from fibromyalgia pain a lot lately, but I keep being online a lot which can add to the misery.
I have also started a bead craft this week for a gift in the future. The weather has been great here recently. That is very nice except that plants need to be watered today!