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Friday, March 27, 2015

Resources for Preachers & Teachers

Some great resources for pastors and teachers out there:

Expositor with Steven Lawson

Preachers & Preaching
Here is an example post from this site:
How to address when an unbeliever dies

For those who missed this in the past, the Master's Seminary has some free lectures available online:
The Master's Seminary

There is also a new book that looks very good as I skim over it:
The Shepherd As Preacher

For those who have not been following me long, the following book addresses women and whether they should preach even in the public square.
Should She Preach - Biblical Evangelism for Women by Tony Miano
For a non-Kindle  edition of the book, click Here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Surgery, ER, & God's Providence

The surgery of my family member is over.  There is still some time of risk, but so far things have gone well.  Prayers are appreciated.

I thought I'd share some information gleaned from my diary which I wrote after we came home...with some additional facts. 

The SEC tournament was going to be starting in Nashville around the last part of our time there, and the hotel prices were jumping up very high when family wanted to book hotels in advance.  We were going to move to another hotel that didn't have shuttle service and then to another hotel further away if it was needed to stay longer.  The Hampton gives discounts for medical stays, but they were not going to give it for part of that time.  Funny thing... one of my family members said hi to a guy in the hall and then asked the desk clerk to speak to a manager.  It turned out the guy he said hi to was a manager, and the guy allowed us to stay the night for just $10 more than it would have been at the other hotel for the last night.

I ended up going to the ER at Vanderbilt feeling awful the night after my family member's surgery, and spent 6 hours or so there.  They had us go through a metal detector to get in.  Crazy when you are feeling crummy!

A family member with me talked with a retired pastor and his wife and another lady there for quite some time.  I didn't say a lot, but it was all very interesting.  The one lady was dehydrated from the flu, and she was admitted.  They had to wait longer than I did.  They hydrated me, gave me aspirin and nausea medicine and tests.  I nearly passed out after the first blood draw.  I still have a very bad bruised look from the first failed place I was stuck. 

 A stranger who had a car parked right outside the ER entrance offered us a free ride back to the hotel as he was going that way.  I was nervous about it I'll admit (though I wasn't alone).  He saved us a hefty cab fare, as the hotel shuttle didn't run that late and cab fares rise at night apparently.
He was a slender Asian man with an accent.  He wouldn't take money, but I gave him one of Tony Miano's Thank You tracts.  I almost didn't make it out of the car, but that's another story.

Well, the very next day my family member was released to leave, and the retired pastor met some of my family again as we waited to leave.

Another neat thing is that one of my family members had the shuttle driver thank her and shake her hand for the tract she had given.  He planned to show it to his pastor.  Actually, that might have been a tract I gave him, but no was nice to hear.

I kept feeling awful, and I was thinking the Josh Wilson "Carry Me" lyrics on the trip home.  We made it back a day early.  It was foggy and rainy part of the time on the way home, but God did carry us through.
I still have medical tests to go through after some discoveries from past ones, and I hope that Christians will continue to pray for my family that God will continue to carry us through.
Please pray for our faith and love to increase, and that God will use these broken vessels.
Sometimes He does strip us of much we would depend on, so that we will depend on Him. 

Various Gospel tracts were left behind and a number of tracts were given to people who assisted us.
Please pray that God would use them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Debating Dillahunty - My Review

I was able to watch Debating Dillahunty not long ago, so I am going to share my post-watching review.   It was exciting that I was able to do it by using a gift card!

I appreciate so much to see Sye Ten Bruggencate's patience with Matt Dillahunty & other professing "atheists".
 I'll admit I do get frustrated dealing with people that I come across online who seem so hardened to the truth. 
You want them to see & understand even though we know it's a work of God.

People act like they are tolerant of whatever keeps them comfortable in their sin.
As the Steve Taylor song says, they are "so open-minded that your brain leaked out."
But when it comes to the true Triune God of the Bible, they stop up their eyes and ears and minds.  It is also the blinding of Satan and God giving them over to hardening in their unbelief.
Being open-minded isn't a good thing.  Christians need to be careful not to open their minds to worldly philosophies and heresies that contradict Scripture for instance.
As John MacArthur said,  "If you have an open mind, close it before you destroy yourself." 
Open-mindedness leads to contradictions and nonsensical statements.
 Matt Dillahunty doesn't make a lot of sense -- like someone plugging their ears and humming to avoid facing the truth & then blaspheming.
I still pray for people who seem hardened, because God is able to open the eyes of any that He chooses to.

 I'll admit that while watching the documentary I did laugh at Sye's picture of the brain in a vat saying Blah, blah, blah or something. Was that terrible of me? I had forgotten that from the debate.

I was pleased to once again see Sye's feelings about God & His love.  This was brought out more from footage outside of the debate as well.

 It's so easy for those of us who have been Christians a long time to not be as moved by or appreciate what God's done for us as we ought.

I had watched the online version of the debate, but this documentary is not a repeat of that. 

I think that it will be eye opening for many. 

If you haven't watched it yet: 

Debating Dillahunty - Trailer from Crown Rights on Vimeo.