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Monday, January 28, 2013

Charles Spurgeon Movie - What You Might Not Have Known

I was listening to Paul Washer recently, and he mentioned a biography about a young Charles Spurgeon. 
Well, I didn't know what biography he was talking about, so I decided to search for one online.  I cannot say for certain that the one I found is the one that he was talking about, but I did find a very interesting one for sure!  You will see how Charles Spurgeon got his start preaching and how young he was then!

I know some of my Presbyterian friends might flinch at Spurgeon's believer's baptism, and people like me might flinch at the cigar or that the preaching might not have been verse by verse going through the Bible.

I believe that all Christians who are familiar with Charles Spurgeon will enjoy this film though. 
My only concern is whether we as Christians might tend to idolize him rather than the God who used him.  

It's an hour and nine minutes, but if you don't have that long you can easily just watch it in segments.

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