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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Terror in Boston & Hidden Terror

WARNING: Some graphic descriptions used in this post.

Monday was a day that will affect many people for a long time.  People pray for healing, comfort and for God to use what was meant for evil to be used for good in the lives of many in Boston.  Whoever set the bombs apparently used pressure cooker IED type bombs and knew exactly what they were doing.
Limbs torn from bodies flying in the air and blood all over - these are the images that will traumatize people for years to come.

I was thinking today about a different situation where limbs have been torn off and blood is all over.  Yes, this happens pretty much every day in America behind closed doors.  Thousands are dead and the screams are often silent, but the pain is there.  It is legally done for a price in abortion clinics under the guise of "reproductive rights" or "choice." 
Millions of human beings have had their little lives squashed out with the approval of the nation since 1973, but God sees this just as well as what happened in Boston this week in the open.

Do we mourn the suffering of the babies as well as the suffering of those whose lives are forever changed after terrorist attacks?  Some of the babies also have survived.  The people who were meant to help them survive and nourish them have meant to end their lives (and abortionist Gosnell has been put on trial accused that he didn't let their being out of the womb stop him from doing what he did in the womb either).

So we should mourn and hope for justice for those in Boston.  
I believe we should also not forget the hidden terror and the blood stains of the babies who were never allowed to run in a marathon.

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