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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tornadoes - Amazing Survival Stories & Giving To Help Survivors

This month a number of tornadoes have hit the central part of the United States.
The amount of devastation seems huge with the destroyed buildings and loss of lives.
We pray for those who are suffering and have lost loved ones.

While I believe in God's Sovereignty, I know that the world has been subjected to corruption after the fall of man as well. Because of this, people at times suffer through no fault of their own. So, I can't really answer all of the why questions.
Many Christians suffer as well as unbelievers in this world, but for the Christian and those people that He has chosen - who will repent and trust in Him - He can use these events to bring about His good and turn them to depend on, acknowledge and trust in Him.

Below I'm sharing a couple of videos (one may only show up as a link to the video) where people survived in amazing ways, and I'm also sharing a link to a place that you can give to help the people of Oklahoma where at least twenty-four people died.

Oklahoma Tornado May 2013

Texas Tornado May 2013

You can give to help the Oklahoma tornado survivors by going to the Children's Hunger Fund.

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