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Friday, May 17, 2013

Security in Troubled Times & Probing the Gosnell Syndrome

The IRS scandal, terrorist threats, some forms of immorality being exalted, Lies, murdering of babies, denying God, and pressure for Christians to disobey God ... this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming.  In China and Islamic countries we can see already what it is like for freedom to be taken away.  How do we find peace and security and react in a way that pleases God in difficult circumstances?
I just listened to a recent message by John MacArthur that has some excellent Biblically based timely answers.   To listen click Here .

A lot of people are now familiar with the abortionist Gosnell who was sentenced recently to life in prison.  He is not the only one whose desire for money and callousness brought him to the point of not caring where the location of the baby was when he took his or her life.  After all, people allowed him to kill in the womb and the child is just as human and alive there as outside and the law didn't care.  Mothers go to those places wanting their babies dead, so abortionists are willing to oblige them.  Is our culture not accepting of this?  Many of us as Christians cringe, but how many of us do anything?  Do those of us who are Christians often not throw up our hands helplessly or think we have done enough?  The mother and the abortionists and "clinic" workers need the Gospel, and on a human level it is good to offer help to at least save a life and make sure babies are cared for.  One day that child may grow up and be granted repentance and faith. 

Here are a couple of good articles that I read about the Gosnell trial.


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