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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Biblical Inerrancy & Criticism

There is such a thing as godly criticism. 

It is very difficult not to develop a critical spirit when you care for Biblical soundness, but that doesn't mean we should avoid addressing all error.  
On the other side there are people who attack people wrongfully and make all kinds of accusations when someone does give godly criticism.  Sometimes the critics of the critics are demonstrating in themselves the very attitudes they are accusing the other person of.
This is why I think we all need to examine our responses - to make sure that we fight against bitterness and sinful retaliation and unrighteous anger. 
We are only responsible for our own attitudes. 
What is our goal?  Is it to get even or to bring glory to God and respond righteously to persecution?
Persecution can come from people who call themselves Christians.  I believe the Bible talks about gentleness in correcting those in opposition.  Some of these people may not be Christians, but they need to be confronted in a way as to point out their error and encourage repentance.
It is difficult for any of us to receive criticism, but while I might be upset at first I usually try to think if there is any truth in it.  Sometimes there is no validity in a criticism, but how I react should still reflect Christ.
Sadly, many Christian leaders think that they are above correction.   Some people have friends or followers who would accuse and slander people who dare to point out sin in their friends or heroes.
Criticisms need to be focused on God's glory and for the spiritual growth of people. 
Calling people trolls or blocking them only breeds anger and bitterness.
I really appreciated the following article:

I'm still going through the book Holiness by J.C. Ryle, and the other week my family here listened to a message that is a good reminder that God understands our weak human condition.  As we face some difficult trials, it is good to know that while we may not always respond the way that we should that God is still patient with those who are His children.

Much of the Biblical criticism some of us have given online as of late has been for the public behavior of Christian leaders and authors who have said that God told them something apart from Scripture, or their implying unity with Roman Catholicism, or acceptance of immorality, or promotion of sensational falsehoods and false teaching (for money) even though the Scripture clearly teaches it is wrong. 
I'm excited about the upcoming Shepherds Conference on Biblical inerrancy coming up March 3-8, 2015.   It is so much needed in today's era where those who profess Christianity have strayed from or outright rejected the Bible's sufficiency, accuracy, truthfulness and relevancy. I'm not sure how much I will get to hear of the conference even though I believe they will stream it online.  
I have a family member scheduled for serious surgery not long before then.  Still, the conference should be good!


Paul Washer: The Great Commission & Biblical Inerrancy from TMAI on Vimeo.

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