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Monday, December 29, 2014

Are You One of The 15?

Well-known individuals who post and do things publicly should not expect to avoid scrutiny, questions or correction.   The Bible tells us that he who hates correction is stupid and better are the wounds of a friend than the kisses of an enemy. 

While I was not involved in the effort to get "Christian" stores to stop selling heresy, it has often bothered me that they are leading so many astray by the false teaching that they promulgate.
Christians need to stand up and address these issues just as the reformers stood up against heresy in their day.  The distinctions get blurry once people start to compromise.  Do those of us as Christians worship God or popular authors and teachers?  What did Jesus do when He saw the corruption of moneychangers in the temple?  Was He not angry?  There is such a thing as righteous anger, and those who lead people astray will not be ignored by God.
 I plan to not buy from "Christian" bookstores that intentionally sell heresy and profit from it anymore.  Lifeway & CBD ( both sell these kinds of materials. I'd rather buy from a non-Christian company who doesn't pretend.  I'm hoping that people will come up with a list of offending bookstores.

"but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea."
Matthew 18:6

I was recently disappointed to see a post by John Piper in which he compared Catholics to Christians in such a way as to blur distinctions.  While I tend to want to believe the best about people and would not question his being a Christian, he has allowed himself to be influenced by and befriended by people who are in error.  I realize that it is possible that Piper did not intend to give credence to Catholicism, but his recent tweet was upsetting and of great concern.  People already are forgetting the reasons for the Reformation and that Catholics are not brothers of Christians without saying this:
Since my first response was more indirect, I sent a direct tweet to John Piper yesterday.

Who are #the15?  Anybody who stands up for Biblical clarity and truth.  Anybody who dares to point out error, inconsistency, or even sin in a "Christian" business or pastor.
Yes, reproof and correction should be done in a spirit of gentleness, humility and love. 
The goal is not just to blast people out of the water but to restore those who are true believers.
We are to be angry and sin not.  Sometimes anger for the sake of the Gospel and truth is necessary such as Paul confronting Peter and Jesus confronting leaders.  Our zeal should be for God's glory...not to call names and be quarrelsome.  Hypocrisy and true heresy should not be ignored if we love God and His people.

You can find more about #the15 on Twitter by the hashtag or follow  there.
Tony Miano will have a discussion with J. D. Hall about "The 15" on Cross Encounters Radio this Saturday at 8 PM Eastern U.S. time / 5 PM Pacific.

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  1. Hi, just a comment, I agree in general, on the Piper quote, its a book - brothers we are not professionals, I don't think he was referring to catholics as being brothers?