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Monday, December 22, 2014

Jubilant Christmas Music

Happy Christmas!
Jubilant Sykes has performed at Grace Community Church many times in the past where I first heard him, so it was fun to discover this video of him when he was younger singing with the Boston Pops.
Please read my Christmas greeting below the video.

May you have a wonderful Christmas where many people still choose to celebrate Christ Jesus' birth in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago.
May we remember that Jesus (born of a virgin who called Him God & her Savior) was fully God, that He humbled Himself to become a man (while still fully God) to live a perfect life on earth - demonstrating who He was by attesting miracles & the witness of God Himself.  He willingly died as the ultimate sacrifice Lamb to take the wrath of God the Father for sinners who were His enemies.  He took the place of all those who would believe & trust in Him & He rose again for their justification & to conquer death & it's sting, so that all who receive Him will live eternally with Him in Heaven - His chosen ones, His bride, His redeemed church, His adopted children.  Meanwhile He sent His Spirit to seal His redeemed on earth, to cause growth, to pray for us better than we can ourselves...
At the right hand of God there will be pleasures forever (Psalm 16:11).

Personal note:  I am now able to do some typing with both hands, although I still have much recovery to go after my surgery at the end of this past October.  I have tingling, pain, tightness & numbness, but I'm thankful to get this far!  We are still waiting for my family member to find out about the brain surgery.  Prayers appreciated by Christians around the world.

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