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Monday, January 9, 2017

Don't Assume

How we act shouldn't be determined by what we think that others are thinking.

Hate is not simply a white issue. It's a human sin issue. 
Sometimes I think that people are aiding the prejudices of non-white people by excusing their prejudice and anger as being justified. 
We-they mentalities are not good no matter what shade you are...white, black, brown, and other variations of melanin pigmentation.
Cultural differences do exist, but we don't have to be clones.

Sadly, police officers have been thrown under the bus by many "Christian" leaders and others.
In their haste to be understanding, they are actually encouraging sinful attitudes.
Christians, of all people, should understand that all people are created in God's image.
We are taught to love even our enemies.
The police are no worse than others, and we as Christians are to respect authority.

So, maybe you've had some bad experiences with someone in a uniform or with a different shade of skin. Yeah,  those can happen.
It takes time to get over those, but we must still remember to not assume that everyone is the same (though I know it can be hard). 
Remember that it wasn't everybody of that shade of skin or that particular uniform that did something wrong or seemed rude or mean to you. 
People are responsible for their own sins or bad judgment, and it could just as well have been someone with the same shade of skin as you or without any uniform. 
It could also be that your preconceived ideas perceived malice that was not actually there.
The police are taught not to voice their feelings or sympathy, but that doesn't mean that they don't care.
We can't read minds as well as we think we can!

You who do not like it when people assume the worst about you, do you do the same to others?

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