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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Though The Darkness Comes, He Is Faithful

Why the silence?
This may not be a complete narrative, but it will give you an idea what we've been going through during this pause between blog posts.
On December 24th, my Dad was trying to walk down the hall.
He was miserably sick, and he was trying to use a walker.
He couldn't keep up with it with his legs, and so eventually ended up on the floor.
The advice nurse was called and then 911.
The men who came thought we only wanted him off the ground, but we knew he needed to go to the hospital (though he didn't want to go).  He had tried to get up.
He was in ICU (with a positive flu test), and then he was sent down to lower care which was not that good.
He ended up back in ICU, and we learned that his numbers indicated a heart attack (after midnight one night). He was having trouble breathing, and his heart was racing.
They asked my Mom if she wanted them to continue.
What a question!  Of course, she did.
We all were sick with the flu.
We barely could get ourselves soup and other food.  I was in survival mode.
It was like a nightmare.  I did get help from reading and listening to music some.
I wrote down times we needed to take medicine to keep the fever down.
I had set up baggies of pills for each of us before I had gotten the worst of it.

The heart doctor took a number of days to get information about my Dad's heart for us.
They said his heart attack was before he came there.  His heart output is not what they want.
Well, people were improving enough to visit him finally, and now he is back at the lower level of care (though he has pneumonia and congestive heart failure).
His flu is gone.
He probably needs a stent, but they are giving him a new kind of heart medicine that has been helping.
They want him to have a life vest, and they want him to go to a skilled nursing place to build up strength.  
If that works out, perhaps they will do an angiogram and a stent.

So far, the places we wanted him to go have not worked out, so we must trust God to work things out.
My Dad is coughing a lot and having trouble swallowing, but he has been improving some in other ways little by little.  He was able to walk a short distance with a walker today he said.

I myself have been having fevers continuing, but today I learned that the flu isn't there for me now.
I have something else going on that is making me feel crummy.
This has been a very hard time for us, and there have been times I have felt I couldn't endure.
Yet, I keep looking to God to be my help.
My own body seems to be falling apart, and I have difficulty thinking at times.
Still, I know God is trustworthy, and He doesn't lie in His Word.
He does love us.  He is faithful.  He will never leave us.
His strength is made perfect in our weakness, and we can hide under the shadow of His wings.
Thank you to those who have prayed, and we would appreciate continued prayer through this stressful time.
I'm not strong, and we don't have a lot of support here.
Still, God is making sure that we depend on Him.  We have no other option!

God has been at work through His Word, through songs He has used, through a Spurgeon devotional, through a message I heard live-streaming Sunday (and listened to part of it again tonight).
He is working through the prayers of His saints, and He is working even through my Dad.
My Dad has even been praying for us.

When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong,
Because the LORD is the One who holds his hand.
Psalm 37:24 NASB

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