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Friday, October 14, 2011

180 Movie Has Gone Viral On YouTube ... What Next?

If you haven’t seen this viral documentary video yet showing what changed some people‘s mind about abortion in a very short time, please watch it now. It will make you think, and it has been instrumental already in saving lives. If you like it, then you can look below the video to find some helpful links of ways to get involved in sharing about “180” Movie. Here is a link of ways to help with promoting and communicating about “180” Movie: On this next link you can find a sample of what you might send to radio stations, TV and radio personalities, newspapers, pro-life sites, etc.: If you have Facebook, you can like the 180 Movie page on there. You can also add a badge to your photo. You can change your photo to 180 by downloading the icon you will find on their page as a profile picture, and there is also a Cause on there that you can share with all of your friends. Also, share the video lots of times on your Wall, because not everybody will look at just one posting of it. The following link has a list of some languages that they are or have translated 180 Movie into: They are having a voice over in Spanish they are working on as well. You can go to YouTube to find “180“ Movie, and click on CC to try to find the language of your choice. The official website is: They also have another website you may want to check out: For a free download to show this video to others: You can also order 180 Movie for as low as $1 a piece if you order 10 or more at: It says $5, but that’s only if you order less than 10. 180 Movie also has the Gospel in it a bit, so I hope that some people will also see the truth about their sin and repent and believe in Jesus and His death on the cross for their sin and His resurrection and be saved. Please spread the word about this!

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  1. awesome, thanks for posting:-)
    Shane Martin
    Social Media Manager