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Monday, January 11, 2010

New Album & Frustration

In case anybody is interested, the new Newsboys album is coming out June 8 (expected). It's called Born Again. Still, without Peter Furler, I'm not eager to buy it. I am curious some though!
I've posted on the Christian Forums again lately, and it can be very frustrating with the kind of response I get often it seems. This last thread I have posted in has been with someone who wants to believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. The person is pretty rude and ridiculous, as they think having a similar amount of chromosomes means that we are like apes. God creating with similarities doesn't equal sameness. It seems the person wants to believe in something there is no real proof of. Even though I shared something with them that addresses the chromosome issue and explains logically why the fused chromosome would not seem to be able to have been different before, they just try to blow it off. I think they are really close-minded, so I'm not sure why they are posting in the section that they are.
It may snow here again tonight, but some of it melted yesterday in spite of the cold. That was because the sun was shining. We tried to get to church, but nobody else was there!
Catalina the cat has managed to get out of a sleeve twice of a baby shirt we are having her wear to keep her from biting on her wound again. Still, it's working out fairly well I think.
I ask for prayer for some kidnapped people in another country who it seems may be alive still after months.

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