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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Update

I've been having the joint connecting my leg to the rest of me acting up lately. My back is unhappy too, but I'm a little better this morning at the moment.
What with the Haiti earthquakes, freezing and flooding places, the MA U.S. Senate election, Facebook, etc., I've been occupied with news and such. That really is a hobby of mine...checking news and weather and other interesting things online or on the radio, etc.
It's no wonder my eyes are strained and my head keeps bugging me!
I have stopped posting for now on the Christian forums until I start feeling better sometime.
There is also the Prop. 8 Federal trial in CA.
Our family is doing mostly okay with some little scares and physical problems. Catalina (our cat) is improving, and I'm hopeful that the one sore will go away's almost gone! We won't want to take off the shirts permanently until there is less risk of her starting a new one.

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