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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Randy Stonehill Song For Sarah

Randy Stonehill from years ago! I went to maybe 4 concerts of his in my life. He's as talented and interesting in person as in recordings. While he really made some serious errors in his earlier Christian life, I believe over the years he became closer to God and more introspective. He was serious and funny both. I haven't heard too much lately to do with him, but those of us who grew up listening to him also think of him as his self titled "Uncle Rand."

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  1. You can see on my FB links (or on You Tube) a couple of performances by Randy Stonehill as recent as 2007 and 08. One said it was with Phil Keaggy and a band member of Randy's on another live video from 07 and if that was Keaggy, I hardly recognised him! Looked bigger and quite a lot older! Couldn't get a good look at his face though. I wanted to find "We Were All So Young", but sadly couldn't. Even if so, it would have been a user vid, I guess. Would have been neat if they taped it as it was likely one of Larry Norman's last recordings with other artists.