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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hero Worship

The other night my family & I were watching the movie Keeper of the Flame (1942), and I couldn't help but think of the similarity of the treatment of Obama to the man Robert Forrest I believe the name was.
Spencer Tracy was playing a writer who was wanting to write a biography on the life of a man who was known as a hero to Americans. He was able to interview the dead man's wife, but he has trouble getting to the truth. He becomes more troubled the more he learns, and things seem quite mysterious.
There is a man who the deceased used to serve under in the army who doesn't seem too excited about the dead "hero." There is the son of this same man whom Mr. Forrest served under who is upset that he wasn't allowed out in the storm to warn of the bridge collapse which is how the man died.
The boy seems to get sick over it, and then you later learn that his sister had worked for Mr. Forrest as a secretary. She had had a breakdown getting worn out worshiping the man. Apparently, Robert Forrest had that effect on people.
In the end, the truth finally comes out from the wife Christine Forrest. Mr. Forrest had changed. He looked down on the people who looked up to him and worshiped their hero.
He secretly was getting money from people and having articles printed in papers that were meant to stir up prejudice toward different kinds of people. He believed in his own kind of "Americanism." His wife had seen the face of fascism in her own home which the U.S. was fighting against in the World War.
It turned out that Christine Forrest could have warned her husband in the storm about the broken bridge, but she didn't. She had just learned the whole truth about her husband before that incident. She had already noted a change in him. A man came to the "arsenal" building where she was telling him - Steven O'Malley (Spencer Tracy) - the whole true story. Her husband's male secretary came and shot her and set the place on fire. Well, Spencer Tracy's character survived to write that Christine Forrest died a hero. He felt that the truth should come out about the supposed "hero" everyone had believed in.
Now, you wonder how I find a similarity to Obama in that? I will let you draw your own conclusions. The facts are not exactly the same, but there are some similarities to me.
People should never be worshiped. The truth will come out no matter how deceived people may be.
I plan to put the links in the previous post on a link on the side of my blog at some point before it disappears completely. I think it would be great to keep these available for the future.
Our family watched Fireproof again last night. It's a really great one with just a little bit of problems...not much. I still can pretty much recommend it though. It's only in Region 1 though still as far as I know.
I want to add a link of Tennessee birds here that I discovered on the web. Hopefully it is fine to do that. The person has no connection to me or my views.
We have seen cardinals, blue jays, wild turkeys, robins, etc. here.

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