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Friday, March 27, 2009

Updates & a Nation in Decline

An update to the previous post:
You will find Peter's letter about why he is not continuing as lead singer on the Newsboys website.
I have been suffering with my fibromyalgia pain a lot lately and also spending time doing other things even while online, so that is why I have not even bothered to put new photos on until now.
A friend of mine is going on a trip soon and could use prayer.
I also would like to ask prayer for Karis who had organ transplants in the past that have now it seems been finally rejected by her body after many battles it seems. She will have a long wait for possible new organs, but there may not be a lot of hope on this earth for her. Still, God has worked it out for her to make it for a lot longer than people could have thought!
America seems to be going downhill fast with the current president helping to speed it up. He is allowing funding of all kinds of abortions, planning a way to limit free speech in a behind the scenes manner from what I read, trying to socialize medicine which would give more limits to more people to some treatments (people who don't have insurance now already are treated when they go in anyway), spending like mad when the country is in debt, and planning to raise taxes in various ways.
As that member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan so aptly put it, "You cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt,..."
That is exactly the strategy that is going on now in the U.S.A. as well! Crazy! Our country is up over our heads in debt it seems, and instead of calling on God and making wise decisions our leadership is spending like drunken sailors (not to insult McCain would say) and begging for China to buy our debt.
I was very upset to learn the new tower to replace the world trade center is going to be called "One World Trade Center" (as apparently it was being called already) instead of "Freedom Tower." Well, the Chinese may be some of the first tenants which is really an insult in my opinion. I'm certainly not for a "One world" anything. The more countries do away with individuality the less freedom they have.
Well, those are my thoughts for the night, and it is quite late!
Please pray for the U.S. and Christians if you know the Lord. He is our hope, even if the country never turns back around.

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