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Saturday, April 18, 2009

We got back yesterday from a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains and my Aunt & Uncle's home in North Carolina. We had money back to spend at Costco, and my Dad & sister bought shoes on the trip. I also got some items. It was cloudy until later in the day on the day we went to the National Park. Still, there were pretty flowers, the stream/creek, lots of trees and thick fog that was kind of fun there. Also, we saw a little bit of waterfalls, but we didn't go to the ones mentioned online. We still haven't seen Cades Cove yet. Before we got there there was so much touristy places it assaulted the eyes. We stopped at a discount Christian bookstore and the Old Mill, etc. I also tried to follow a road into the park that didn't work out. It was a nature trail street. There are plenty of twists on the roads in the park, but then Tennessee seems to be full of those on the eastern half at least.
We got to see dogwoods on the trip(which we have some of in our yard as well), and other flowering trees. There are still bare trees now, but the drive was beautiful. We also saw a little of Asheville, and on the way back there was the Bear River on the way back home from Asheville. There was a lot of sunshine on the last two days of our trip, and my Aunt & Uncle were very hospitable the second night. We spent the first night in Cherokee at the Microtel Inn & Suites which was a good hotel, but it was hard to find it! I enjoyed looking at souvenirs and other interesting items at shops on our journey.
I plan to put some photos on the side.
Please pray for my friend who is leaving on a trip tomorrow. It is a nervous place to go, and the person is going there to encourage and be involved to do with missions. Also, it will be a new experience, so please pray for safety and culture awareness.

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