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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Dental & Medical Adventures

Most of us get stuck with those dentist appointments once or twice a year for cleaning, check-ups, and x-rays.  Right?  Well, I had one of those this week...and I survived!  The hygienist mentioned a tooth they were keeping an eye on.  I told her that if there was an eye in my mouth it was getting scratched. (She had been using a pick in my mouth.)
When the dentist came in and mentioned keeping an eye on different teeth, I commented on all the eyes in my mouth.  I said, "Keep your eye out of my mouth!"  He said, "Point taken."
Then he began to tell me ways they could improve my smile.  I said I shouldn't smile.  Then I said, "How about your smile?"
I think the hygienist laughed at that.  The dentist has a sort of smile on his face.

As the dentist left he said, "Have a nice Fall."  I said, "I don't want to fall!  I've been trying not to!"
(I had previously explained the fact that I had been having dizziness recently.)  He mentioned about having to be careful around the wordsmith.  I'm sure I probably gave them their amusement for the day...I hope.
If I had been even sharper I could have mentioned how he enjoyed picking on my teeth.

Today I went to the hospital for some tests.  One was an MRI.  Many of you know what that's like.  Claustrophobia when you first go in and then the war begins.  Clunk clunk, buzz, buzz, bang bang!  After the second test which they ended up doing shortly after that, we came out to see my doctor coming down the hall.  He asked if I was done with the tests and let me know he'd be looking at the results.

I came home after that to hear ... thump thump, bang, bang, buzz, buzz, saw, saw!  I can't get away from the MRI noises! Actually, some workers were putting up the drywall in our new room.
Meanwhile I'm a little dizzier from skipping my medicine last night.  Thankfully I'm still improved over the worst of the dizziness that I had.  I can walk around without hanging onto a wall or a walker at least!

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