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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

I've been feeling extra dizzy again lately. I lost sleep with the stupid monitor beeping at me. I started out the morning having someone at the monitoring place treating me like I was a dunce. I had to go outside in the rain trying to get the event to send, but it wasn't working. The man wasn't hearing me part of the time, so there I was out in back practically yelling in the phone (still in my pjs...which can pass for regular clothing). Our metal roof keeps the monitor from automatically sending from the house...that and bad signals from where we live. Finally he let me send manually over the phone. I listened to a John MacArthur message (The Sovereign Servant Pt. 1) at home with my Mom using my computer as the other one still wasn't finished downloading after probably a half hour. Turns out our pastor had a bad day too from what family told me. The podium fell on his toe and hurt it (maybe broke it), and the piano wasn't working. How is your day going?

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