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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Will I Be Voting In The 2012 Presidential Race?

I was in a quandary of whether to not vote in the 2012 Presidential race, because I don't trust Romney on the life and marriage issues, etc.

It was with prayerful consideration that I decided that I would wait to see who he picked for VP. If the person was pro-life and pro-marriage, then I would be voting for him more than I would be voting for Romney.

Many leaders in the Bible were unbelievers and even the priests of God were disobedient sinners as in Samuel's time. People who call themselves Christians are often not truly Christians.

If someone like Obama claims to be a Christian, does that mean we vote for him? May it never be!  Mitt Romney is also not a Christian.  So, there is no current major candidate who is a Christian or holds 100% to my worldview / values.

We are to pray for leaders and respect their position.

Romans 13 says that all authority is from God. In general they are there to punish evil behavior.

Of course, when there is a true Christian candidate who is competent - meeting the requirements of authority and also supporting my worldview - I would prefer them over someone who is not a Christian.

It is your right not to vote if you should so decide, but as a Christian I would rather see some lives saved than someone who voted in a way that babies could be killed even after birth (Obama...see

Do not forget that voting for Paul Ryan means that he could be the tie breaker in the U.S. Senate on a pro-life or pro-marriage issue.

So, even though I am not a Roman Catholic, I will vote more for Ryan than Romney to possibly save lives. Pray about it and please don't judge people who have struggled with the issue and not ignored the Bible or conscience. I respect your right not to vote if you should so decide, and I also respect your right to vote for an alternative candidate even though they will likely not be able to win.

Go with your conscience as the Bible would as in eating meat.


  1. I'm not a citizen so I am just a bystander who is interested in how the system works and more importantly how Christians cast their votes according to the biblical teachings.
    It is really hard to choose between the two, and if I'm a voter, I probably will not vote.
    One of my wondering is that should I put moral issues above society issues(My English is not sufficient to compose what I'm thinking, sorry if this is confusing). To explain what I'm saying, babies' lifes are important, but I wonder if the candidates' whether endorsing abortion is really more important than their ability to solve other problems like unemployment,glooming economic, endless war, bitterness toward the system, and hatred between races and classes.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. Your English is pretty good. Have you watched the "180" Movie documentary? If you watch it on YouTube there are captions in other languages. Abortion is the taking of a human life, so I do place a high value on the life issue. From what I have gathered, people in other countries often see only what certain media outlets want them to see. Those media outlets generally favor Democrats and are biased against Republicans. I have learned this from family and online friends. Certainly other issues have importance, but when God is not honored in issues of morality economic decline is sure to follow. God will not honor a nation that does not honor Him. A number of our country's founders believed that without respect for God and Christian beliefs that morality alone would not stand...and neither would our Constitution. True Christians know that racism is wrong... in fact in Christ there should be no division. It looks like your name is Japanese? I would like you to see this video that was recommended that is in Japanese.