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Monday, December 2, 2013

Don't Forget Prayer

You may know that my Dad used to produce Global Minute radio spots to get people to pray for, go & give to missions....especially for the unreached peoples of the world.   The spots were heard on a lot of stations around the country as public service announcements.  The name of the organization was the Mission Vision Network. 

My sister & I also helped out in various ways (computer work, writing, labeling, stuffing envelopes, even to helping be voices on one Christmas Panorama spot), so I still have an interest in missions when I hear about or read things that touch on that.  After all, proclaiming the Gospel is the mission of the church and a great deal of why I believe we are still here on earth. 

So many people (including Christians) are excited these days about movies out in the theater, shopping, music concerts, and about the people immediately around them.  Others are struggling with health issues, depression, difficult relationships, or political issues. 
It is easy to forget that there are many people out there who still do not even have the Gospel in their language. 
Sure, there are people who have access to Bibles who never read them and seek wisdom from the world and false teachers. 
These people certainly need the Gospel as much as those in tribes and other countries, but I was recently encouraged by a video to pray for workers once again for those who have yet to hear.

Although there is little I can do these days physically (as I am not doing well and can't get out much), I can still pray for people even though the noise in my head and my dizziness and headaches make it hard to think to pray sometimes.
I know God hears me....and He can hear all true Christians.
I hope the video will encourage you.
If you are interested in the conference, it is December 27-30, 2013 mostly for students ages 18-25.  Click here to read more.

Please check out the people group of the day beneath the video.

#PrayForWorkers from CROSS on Vimeo.


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