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Saturday, August 11, 2018

For Those With Regrets - Looking Beyond Tattoos

Not long ago I wrote a post about tattoos.
It was more of a warning to those who were considering getting them than for those who already had permanent tattoos and may regret them.

While I feel strongly that choosing tattoos isn't wise for a Christian, what about those who already have them?
Many people chose them before they were believers or they were Christians and thought tattoos were cool at some point in their life.
What about those who regret them and for some reason can't get them cleaned up by laser removal?
Some of those tattoos may be sad reminders of past sins or idolatry or rebellion or just a whim the person was following thinking it was cool at the time.

Well, as Christians we may see the external markings and wonder about people, but then we need to remember that God sees the heart. 
A brother or sister in Christ who has a tattoo still marking them is someone that Christ died for and He loves them. 
I have met people that looked like scary biker dudes, and they talked like caring believers. 
Yeah, that can be confusing.
There are people who are brothers and sisters in Christ who shouldn't be snubbed or treated as inferior for their past choices.

So, while I was strong in warning people about getting tattoos and to think about the consequences, I don't want to have people look at these external things and be unloving or lack compassion to others.
We are no better Christians for not having a tattoo. 
So, while I would warn against intentionally marking oneself up (and yes, it can give impressions about character...right or wrong), I also want to encourage people to not let appearances keep you from getting to know some wonderful Christian brothers and sisters or from giving the Gospel to someone who is an unbeliever.

So, for believers who have tattoos, I want you to know that your tattoos are not the sum total of who you are.  If you can get rid of them, fine.  If you can't, well, I have skin problems that I can't get rid of.  So, we should just treat each other like any other sisters and brothers in Christ. 

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