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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Thoughts on Reading

In doing a book cover challenge on social media (sharing covers of books a person loves), I've looked at our library 2 or 3 times and brought more piles of books from it to be read again in the future.
That's the hazard of trying to choose books to share!
I haven't even finished my previous stack!
There are a lot of books I have read over and over during my lifetime, and then there are some I've read only once (or am still in the middle of reading or have quit reading in some cases).

I grew up reading fiction mostly for my entertainment, but I've increased my nonfiction repertoire in recent times (which usually takes me more thinking and time) .
Some of that reading was so I could share books with others (it's good that way too), but some I've actually (gasp!) chosen to read for my own edification.

Reading the Bible is something every Christian should be doing unless they want to starve spiritually.
Other books don't have that kind of value.
Reading other books doesn't make a person a spiritual or literary giant, although some kinds of reading can be of some benefit.
Some of my online friends read things that make my reading selections look pathetic, but that's okay.
Reading shouldn't be a matter of pride.
I did consider in the challenge whether the books might either be helpful or at least worth recommending without clarifications.
Sadly, even most "Christian" fiction books are not great in their Theology - even if they are entertaining.

I'm going to share a couple of other books I took pictures of ... one nonfiction that I'm pretty sure I read once many years ago when I was young (more unusual) and a fiction book that I only read once a few years ago.
It was a less stressful type...more of a human interest type.  


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