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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Strange Journey (Personal)

Early this week, we got a ride from my brother to a town less than an hour away.
We had appointments for two of us in my family, and we were to spend the night for our miserable backs to recover for the trip back.

The first thing that went wrong was that our GPS navigation device kept trying to send us to a street that was not where we were attempting to go at all.  After a while, it was finally discovered that somehow it had changed to assimilated driving or some such nonsense.  How?  I do not know.

Later a light was blinking.  It's possible it was due to having too much in the back, but I'm not sure if anything was really open.

Well, we made it to a place to eat before the first appointment.  Everyone else had gotten their food and I was feeling like fainting without any.  Then they let us know my soup wasn't ready, and it would be 10-15 more minutes.  They brought me a croissant.  When the soup came, it was lukewarm.  I ate it that way anyway.

When we left the place, the back of our vehicle wouldn't open at first. 
We tried to discover what was wrong.  I thought maybe something inside was keeping it closed.  Anyway, eventually we got it open to be able to have the wheelchair & walker stored in it.

After two people were dropped off at the hotel, I had to go along for the ride to the first appointment (since we didn't know how long it would be).  My back was miserable sitting in a wheelchair though I did try to elevate my feet for awhile at one point.  Thankfully, we got out in time to make it to my early check in at the next place.

On to my appointment.  We had to wait quite awhile for that (past the appointment time).  It was one of those nerve conduction tests where they shock & prick you which left me with a couple of bleeding spots that were bandaged.

We picked up food (I stayed reclining in the vehicle) and went back to the hotel.  Well, one of the fast food places had forgotten to fill part of the order, so a couple of people went back to get that.

Here is the last bit I'll share.  Two people were planning to sleep on a sofa bed. 
After they were laying there for a bit, we heard calls for help. 
The foot of the bed was rising up like it was trying to shut back up (though it had been fully opened).  A people eating sofa bed? 
It reminded me of an old comedy movie!

Yesterday something started happening on my face that scared me and set me into tears..tears for what was happening and tears for our situation. 
My Dad encouraged me, though our situation hasn't changed.

I'd appreciate prayer for that I will not be anxious and depressed and also that God will help us through and provide help (and healing if it's His will).

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