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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Pastoral Authority Limitations, Critical Race Theory Explained, + Should Churches Use Hillsong & Bethel Music?

How Much Authority Does a Pastor Have?

Have you heard of or been to a church where the people seem to be micromanaged in a way that raises red flags?  
The following article is not exhaustive but helpful to explain the Scriptural pattern for pastors /elders.

What is Critical Race Theory, and why is it wrong?

If you are like me and struggle to remember and articulate things, having things available to review  in written form can be very beneficial.  
Not long ago someone asked me what CRT was, and I found myself fumbling to attempt to answer them (despite all I've heard before).
Eric Davis has a blog post which takes information from different sources and describes what Critical Race Theory & Intersectionality are (and their un-Biblical worldview).

Should Churches use Hillsong & Bethel Music?

I've watched a few newer videos in recent times which gave good reasons for avoiding using music from these sources. 
While an occasional song might have okay lyrics and your individual conscience might let you sing those privately, there are ramifications of churches singing their music. 
It can encourage people to look them up and get led to their false teaching, financially aid their dangerous teaching, etc.
Much of the lyrics also reflect the poor Theology and dangerous views of those places.

(I don't know the pastor here or what version or paraphrase he was using, but this was a thoughtful message to consider.)

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