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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Catalina the Cat & Prayer Requests

We got a cat last week at the Humane Society. It has now been declawed and has been treated for ear mites and the first treatment for roundworms...makes me nervous!
She seems to be doing pretty well this morning. She loves to be petted, and she is getting spoiled! She meows now for us to scoop her poop. She is very smart and loves treats.
Please pray for my family...we are experiencing pain, and some other relatives have had or are going to have surgery and have other problems.
The leaves have been changing here in Tennessee, and the wind has blown many into our yard /garden.
I am sporadic about posting on that outreach section of the Christian Forums, but it's okay to not get overly stressed going on regularly. I check on Cliff news still often enough, but it' more just a hobby as I am not pleased how far Cliff is drifting away from the truth of the Bible in recent years. Still, God can work in his heart as well.
If you will, you can pray for a friend who is doing outreach to immigrants and language learning in England right now.
Also, my brother is teaching English and using the Bible in the Czech Republic.

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