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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Freedom of Speech

Does it seem that freedom of speech is for possible terrorists or others who have or want to harm someone physically?
It seems that you can no longer express an opinion about a lifestyle or a person without the risk of getting fired in some places. People who have no intention whatsoever toward harming a person get fired for political or Christian beliefs, but if it's an atheist or Moslem they have a lot more people willing to defend them or turn a blind eye.
If you believe conservatively, they think you may be like the KKK or a Nazi or call you a Right Wing nut or the Religious Right (like that's equivalent to a criminal?). It is so outrageous the attacks that conservatives and Christians receive, and there is no accountability for this kind of commenting by certain people.
Still, this is the kind of thing that Christians can expect, and it's likely to get worse. If you believe the actual Bible as a Christian about morals, you may one day soon be labeled a criminal in court. Actually, the hate crimes legislation is opening the door already.
If you want to pray in school, you already have people ready to censor you. Now you can be fired for telling the truth about a lifestyle or political person even if you are not mean spirited. Some pastors in some countries have already gotten in trouble for speaking out against homosexuality.
Even on this blog I think there are some limits and restraints on me that I am not sure of if I might say something that they might censor or kick me off for.
Still, I can do my best to speak the truth civilly, and if I get in trouble then I have done nothing wrong.
Aside from these subjects, I just wanted to mention our cat is sick.

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