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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nostalgic Keith Green Video

We watched from the first video of First Love again tonight. It's very nostalgic listening to people singing the old music from years back. People like the Second Chapter of Acts, Love Song, as well as Keith Green's previously unreleased song with videos of him. It's really amazing to think he died before he reached the age of 29!

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  1. If you look on Melody Green's Facebook 'fan page', apparently her daughter has an album out now. Didn't get to hear it though. Also apparently there is the possibility they may do a movie about the life of Keith Green. Not sure how I feel about that. Seems like it could be ok, but VERY MUCH depends on who does it. Don't need another homosexual activist (like that played martyr James Elliot (Elizabeth's husband) in a film....with him pushing his views on Larry King Live right before the film came out ('End of the Spear' became 'End of the Sphere' of influence.). But if they did pick someone to play Keith and Melody, I wonder who it would be....who would play Randy Stonehill who witnessed to Keith (and helped co-write 'Love Broke Through' with Todd Fishkind, who shortly worked at World Missions Center in Pasadena and is on my FB friends list.) :) Anyways, since you posted the video, you might want to check out her page. I have her on my list of pages on my profile, I believe.