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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ladies, What Do Your Clothes Say About You ? ...Modesty Part 2

This is a 15 minute and 18 second follow-up to my previous post on what guys think about modesty, so I hope you will have listened to that one before watching this one. Please excuse the spelling errors in the video. As a personal addition I would like to add some wise advice I've learned from others when it comes to the clothing part of the subject of modesty. "Where the line ends the eye begins" is a good starting point to think about when it comes to clothing, and also when you bend over you may want to consider holding your hand to your chest if you care about your brothers in Christ and your Christian witness. Also, tight clothing that leaves little to be imagined is a problem for men.

A disclaimer about this (as the original had stopped working).  I don't know who the speaker is, & I can't vouch for Proverbs 31 Ministries (not familiar with them).  Even in this film there is some immodesty. 

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