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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When Trials Come - Faith Produces Endurance

This has been a difficult week for us.  There are times when it feels like our house is a convalescent hospital, but where most everyone is a patient!  Thankfully things are improving a little at a time on that score.

Nights are very difficult for me, as my conditions make it difficult for me to sleep.  I don't think you can know what I feel like unless you have been there.  Head shrieking, nausea, burning fire, blood pooling, circulation feeling strange & a fast pulse, pains, dizziness, faintness, etc.  Then I have other symptoms at times that are related to another issue I won't name.  Yes, I do struggle with anxiety and sometimes panic, but thankfully that is not always an issue.  I often need to remind myself to trust God. 

It's so easy for us to play down others conditions without realizing what they are like.  Perhaps that is why it is good when doctors do simulations to at least attempt to understand some of their patients.  That cannot be done for every condition though.

I am so blessed to have family who live with me who are able to help with my care and love me and understand to a degree how I feel.  I have a God who loves me and is patient with me. 
I know He is testing my faith and producing endurance.
What might be a difficult test or trial for you might not seem like a lot to me, and vice versa. 
If I stomp on someone and act uncaring toward suffering, you can remind me of this post.
I want to encourage people and not hurt them.

Yesterday I learned I have yet another medical test coming that I didn't have any idea would happen.
I felt a little sad and stressed, but thankfully I didn't panic.  In fact we started laughing on the way home.  My life and days are in God's hands.

I thought of a line from a song, and while I'm not sure which song it came from I found the following  video that has the words that came to mind. 
I put the link to the words below the video, because I found it a little difficult to fully understand the lyrics with my imperfect hearing.

This song is encouraging, and I hope that it is a blessing to you as well.

When Trials Come Lyrics

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