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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Travel Adventures In Tennessee

My family took a trip this weekend for a follow-up appointment for someone in my family.
The scenery on the way was nice with the redbud trees blooming a lot along the wayside.

I made the mistake of having a caffeinated drink on Easter Sunday, and my pulse went up as high as 133 or 134 during church.   It was distracting, and I didn't feel well.  I still enjoyed the service over all, and it seems that they are desirous to honor God with the song lyrics and focus on the Biblical text.  If we lived in that town, we'd be going back to visit again. 

I was so hopeful to visit that church this time and pushed for going early to Cookeville, TN, so that we could visit Midway Baptist Church.  My Dad had found the church online maybe last year and I had sent mail, and we had even driven into the property on a previous trip.  Then someone in chat on my favorite online radio program Cross Encounters Radio said positive things about the pastor, so that was very interesting twist.  I had already wanted to visit anyway.

The follow-up appointment for my family member went very well, and I even gave the surgeon a Thank You Gospel Tract.  We enjoyed eating at Panera Bread and Maggie Moo's ice cream in Nashville. 

This morning at a hotel, I got some decaffeinated coffee into a cup and was working on the creamer or sweetener packets, when a guy picked up my cup and was walking away with it!  I just watched, and then he finally asked if that was mine.  Yes, it was mine!   He did bring it back and found his own that he'd left somewhere else.  I doubted he would have wanted decaf. anyway, and then I remembered a movie called The Christmas Card where the girl started eating another guy's order that was the same as what she normally ordered.  Thinking of it that way made me laugh.

It rained on the way back home...poured is more like it.  Visibility was terrible. 
We made some stops along the way breaking the trip up.  Usually my life is pretty limited, so this was an adventure.

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