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Friday, April 17, 2015

New Josh Wilson Single, Justice, & Rebuke

Josh Wilson has a new single scheduled to be officially released May 4th, 2015.
It turns out there live rendition online!  I'm sure the official one will have a much cleaner sound.
I have enjoyed much of Josh's music over the years, as his lyrics are often encouraging, thought provoking, personal, and he doesn't hide what he believes in his songs to gain popularity with the world.
 Here is a sneak preview:

There are times when someone does or says something wrong and we are too quick to believe the worst or want immediate justice when we are hurt.  Either way, we need to remember God isn't blind when someone treats us in a way that seems unfair or sinfully.  It is good to remember how much we have been forgiven as well.                                                            

Sometimes we need to make right judgments and have discernment to keep us from false teachers and evil situations and behaviors.  We need to know God's Word well.
Pastors especially need to be ready to refute and rebuke.
The Responsibility To Rebuke

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