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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Meaning in Mishaps

Yesterday we found out there was a festival in the area today, so we went there for a little bit.  I couldn't get up nerve to hand any CDs or Gospel tracts or books out, so finally I had my sister start & I then I gave out some too (although I had given a Thank You tract already).  I'm generally more of a follower than a leader.  So, maybe 15-20 or so CDs, books, & tracts combined were handed out. 
I picked people sitting & in line and had a kid get a book for her mom...stuff like that.  So, maybe not all is lost being in a wheelchair.  I think I need an ice pack!  We had stopped at a yard sale before we went there, so...

This day had it's share of troubles too.  I lost the bag of what I bought at the festival, and we had to go back (thankfully we hadn't gone that far).  My sister got out, and it turned out that a man kept the bag until she turned up for it.  Some lady had found it first. It was actually on the grass near the man, and my sister spotted it and was able to see the flowers I had bought.

This was how my day started out (as seen on my FB wall):

This morning I reached for my hairbrush and it caught my watch on the nightstand. The watch dropped into the trash can (waste bin for any British friends), so I got up to bend over to fish my watch out of the trash. Well, my new hospital table beside the bed got bumped and a glass full of water fell off and hit the floor splashing my leg and making a puddle for my feet.
The good news? The glass missed my feet & didn't break.
So, I yelled out for a towel and had to explain the whole thing.

I've been having discussions with people who call themselves atheists online lately.  Sometimes just a response to a news tweet on Twitter ends up starting a landslide of tweets pouring in, so a continuation with one of those finished up quite a bit of my time before heading out this morning.

All of these things are from God though.  I mean my knocking things down and losing them aren't His fault, but even our clumsiness can be used by helping us learn how to respond when troubles come.  Though I feel faint at times and in pain and my head may shriek and not feel focused, I know that God has a purpose for me in all of these things.  Life is God's training ground for the Christian.  We are tested, disciplined, and yet we know that God's love, mercy and grace are ours.  My struggle is to keep my eyes on the Author and Perfecter of faith (Hebrews 12:2).
This week it's been amazing how God has fit the portions of Scripture I've been reading to fit along with the circumstances going on.
I hope this will encourage some of my Christian readers who may have mishaps and struggle with a lack of courage.  God disciplines those He loves, and He can use even the weakest among us.

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