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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When Scripture Doesn't Fit Your Theological View

I've been listening to a class on historical Theology, and it is amazing to see how false beliefs creep into the church, or how one lone person standing up for the truth of the Bible can be used by God to dispel heresies.  I also can see how heresies came back up and repeated themselves.  This is why doctrine must be based on the inspired Word of God, because man's understanding is fallible.

Many false religions make things up in order to explain what we don't understand about God.  

Our human logic can't fully understand the idea of what we now refer to as the Trinity.
We can accept it, but it is difficult for the human mind to grasp.
Some have made up ludicrous ideas which are used in false religions to try to get around what the Bible teaches...that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one in essence....One God revealed in Three Persons.

It also goes against our grain to think that we can't do anything to earn or help along even a piece of our salvation, so people develop beliefs that incorporate man's effort and ability into their soteriology.
People have it culturally ingrained in them what they have been taught and believe is fair or reasonable.

I admit that I myself have even read Scripture and thought how something seems to go against what I think is Biblical from another passage.
The thing is, I know the Bible is God's Word, so I know that it is my understanding that must be measured and changed by the Bible and not vice versa.  When I don't understand how two things can both be true, it is the time to dig in and search out how things really do fit together.  It's my reasoning that is the problem.  Maybe I won't always be able to grasp everything, so I can use other learned theologians' learning to give me some possible explanations to assist me with my limited knowledge.
Sadly, many people take their reasoning to the Bible and reject anything that contradicts what they already believe or have been taught is true.

When I was young I was introduced to the idea of God's choosing me.  While over the years I was exposed to both views and hybrids of "Calvinism" and "Arminianism", it is through the reading of Scripture that I have been able to see even for myself God's Sovereign Hand choosing, directing, and molding.  I can't fully understand God, but I'm thankful I don't have to depend on me for my salvation.
If I did, I would surely lose it.  I recognize my sin, and I know that I can never be perfect and keep myself in Christ.

Do You Believe God Is Sovereign?

Understanding What You Believe
Sye has a gift for simplifying doctrine.  If you are unclear about the differences between the doctrines of grace & Arminian beliefs, please listen to this:
Josh Sommer Interviews Sye Ten Bruggencate about Arminianism
It is encouraging to realize that my blunders won't stop God from saving His sheep.

Don't Get Caught Up In Wording
Some people get hung up on the wording of the doctrines of grace as presented by John Calvin.
Perhaps this will help you:
Three Ways to Present the Doctrines of Grace - by David Murray

On What Basis Does God Choose?
I've had the blessing of sitting under some excellent teaching at times in my life.  Before moving to Tennessee, we traveled to a church in Upland, CA.  Pastor David did an excellent series on being Chosen by God.  I don't know that the series I heard can be found online anymore, but the following post is an excellent Biblical summary beginning with Genesis.  I assume this has to be written by the David Forsyth I sat under.
Divine Election: The Ultimate Pride Killer By Pastor David C. Forsyth (a former pastor of mine)

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