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Saturday, January 30, 2016

David's Life In Danger - True Story

I was reading recently about a man named David who went to his friend Jonathan to tell him that Jonathan's father (Saul - a king) was threatening David's life - AGAIN!
David and Jonathan were very close friends, and David was married to Jonathan's sister Michal who was also King Saul's daughter.

At first, Jonathan didn't seem to want to believe his friend David (likely due to the fact that King Saul had earlier promised not to take David's life), but then Jonathan tests his father as David suggested.
He finds out that David is right.

Saul is angry with David.  In fact, Saul is so angry and wanting David dead, that he almost kills his own son Jonathan for not cooperating - taking David's side.
So, Jonathan lets David know the outcome of the testing in a way that he had secretly planned with David ahead of time (involving a lad and the shooting of an arrow).

God had planned for David to be the next king, and it's quite obvious that King Saul did not want this (though he had been told that he would have the kingdom torn away from him due to his disobedience to God earlier).

It takes a long time before it happens, but eventually David does become a king.
Although David had previously showed faith in God, he makes some wrong choices as well as right ones along the way.
His life is in grave danger while Saul is still king, and some thoughts during the time of waiting are written down for us to read today.

If you want to learn more of this true story about David, it's in 1 Samuel of the Bible!

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